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Don't Believe Everything You Read - Nyandika Maiyoro


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  • Don't Believe Everything You Read - Nyandika Maiyoro

    The post re: Nyandika Maiyoro is replete with errors. Could be a combination of a faulty memory, wishful thinking or a reporter's lack of research, but the article is inaccurate. To wit:
    "He emerged fourth in the 5000 meters race (at the 1954 Commonwealth Games)." Actually, the distance was 3 miles.
    "He won the bronze medal in 5000m at the 1956 Olympic Games." Actually, Derek Ibbotson finished third at Melbourne. Maiyoro placed seventh.
    "He took the sixth position in the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales (in 1958)." Actually, Lew Merriman finished sixth in the 3 mile run.
    "He won a bronze medal in 5000 meters (at the 1962 Commonwealth Games)." Again the distance was 3 miles and Bruce Kidd was the bronze medalist.
    "He emerged third at the championships (it's unclear but the assumption is the 1964 Tokyo Games. If the Kenyan national champs is what is meant, perhaps he did)." Bill Dellinger finished third at Tokyo in the 5000 and the only Kenyan entered in the event was Kip Keino.
    In recent months we've had Blaine Lindgren try to rewrite history (re: the Tokyo HH), Kip Keino complaining about Gammoudi's doping at Mexico City (with no proof) and now Maiyoro. While it's neat to have great athletes from the past talk about their accomplishments, I could do with a lot less smoke-blowing.

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    Lew Merriman was a US 800 runner. John Merriman ran for Wales in the 58 CG


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      Don'y Believe Everything You Read - Nyandika Maiyoro

      I stand corrected. Thanks.