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High School AOY's ranked on their entire careers


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  • High School AOY's ranked on their entire careers

    I just reviewed the HS AOY's listed on the main page, since 1947. Here are my rankings of the top 10 of them, based on their entire careers; what do you think ? ( Note that no one from the 80's, 90's, or 00's makes the grade. )

    10. Ulis Williams
    9. Michael Carter
    8. Rex Cawley
    7. Renaldo Nehemiah
    6. Milt Campbell
    5. Charles Dumas
    4. Bob Mathias
    3. Dallas Long
    2. Randy Matson
    1. Jim Ryun

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    Good list and ranking.
    Think I would rank Bob Mathias 1st off his two Olympic titles.
    Guess Carl Lewis was beaten out by Michael Carter in 1979?


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      Just one of my pet peeves, but noone else notices that it's assumed that the AOY is male? I don't expect you to do both boys and girls lists. But at least note that you are only doing the Boy's AOY.

      The women's list has Marion Jones, Allison Felix, Sandra Richards, Suzy Powell. Amy Acuff and Denean Howard - Olympians all.


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        I have to put Terrence Trammell somewhere in that top 10 -- two OG silvers, two WC outdoor silvers.