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    Eldrick obviously never dreisprunged.... difference between dirt/ashphalt and synthetic is indescribable. (this from one who practiced the event--albeit at a feeble level--in the era where one bounced between surfaces from meet to meet)


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      Originally posted by gh
      Eldrick obviously never dreisprunged....
      is that anything like the dreikaiserbund ? :P

      giving szmidt ~ 17.70 on synthetic looks fair value, seeing as he set it in '60 & no one jumped this far at low-altitude until willie in mid-'80's ( someone actually look up low-altitude progression ), albeit posters say joao had nonsensical fouls in 17.60/17.70 range called against him in moscow

      holding the "true" wr for 20 - 25y is pretty good going & gut feeling is he probably didn't have the basic speed to be considered an 18m+ guy ( i think 10.2/10.3 speed ( synthetic track ) is pre-requiste for 18+m )


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        Originally posted by lonewolf
        Nothing scientific about it but artificial surface tracks definitely make a huge difference.
        Personal experience: I was never a world class athlete but circa 1949-52, age 18-21, I was chasing Thane Baker on cinders running 9.7y.
        In 1972, age 40-41 and five pounds heavier, I was still chasing Thane in Masters competion running 10.1y on tartan.
        Gotta believe, all things being equal, I had to have slowed down more than that in twenty years.
        You sir are my new hero.
        ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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          Jozef Schmidt ran 10.4 (on cinders - Poznan 300661) so may have run 10.2 on a good synthetic surface