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Whatever happened to Brent Noon


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  • Whatever happened to Brent Noon

    Threw 76-2 in HS in 1990 with the 12 lb shot. Seems like he should have been well over 70' in later competitions.

    Also Jim Brewer's 15' 1/8" in 1957 as a prep with the old aluminum pole is nothing less than a super mark.

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      You mean Noon, not Brewer.


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        gh, you might want to careful about what you say about Noon :? :

        An athlete filed a lawsuit seeking more than $15 million in damages from defendants that include U.C.L.A. and its track and field coach...spread false rumors that Noon used steroids. ... atch=exact

        And litigious here too: ... 4&Itemid=2


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          Originally posted by Double R Bar
          You mean Noon, not Brewer.
          Brewer was on beer . . .



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            Originally posted by AS
            Using the Randy Barnes web site is always a good idea when you are trying to deflect PED usage claims . . .


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              Well aware of the Noon family's litigious nature. But he got tossed from the Trials (literally hours before it began) in '96 and in '97 USATF's Doping Appeals Board gave him a 4-year setdown (retroactive to the '96 date).


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                From the archives of The San Diego Union-Tribune:

                Date: Jun 18, 1998
                Headline: Shot-putter Noon loses court case vs. USA Track

                The state Supreme Court has denied shot-putter Brent Noon's final attempt to win his five-year legal battle with USA Track & Field.

                The Supreme Court last week denied Noon's petition for review of an appellate court decision in March that reversed a 1994 jury verdict in Noon's favor. That jury had awarded damages to Noon, of Fallbrook, based on USA Track and Field's two-year suspension of Noon for allegedly testing positive for a banned steroid.

                Noon's battles outside the shot-put ring began six years ago, when USA Track & Field sent him a notice to report for an out-of-competition urine test within a prescribed 48-hour window. Noon did not, and failure to report is normally treated the same as a positive test.

                The 4th District Court of Appeal reversed the 1994 jury verdict -- which had awarded Noon $983,000 in compensatory damages -- "because we conclude no substantial evidence supports the jury's verdict on any cause of action."
                K E N
                K E N


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                  Forgive me if this falls under the umbrella of "idle speculation", and if so please delete. But I seem to recall a thrower that Venegas tossed off the UCLA team because he thought he was doping. Was it Noon?


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                    Noon sat out his first year after high school (to "mature" as i recall) and then started at Georgia. Don't believe he was ever at UCLA.

                    I don't recall (not that that might mean much these days!) any rumors about Venegas ever booting anyone because he "thought he was doping." Indeed, in this day and age, if somebody's on scholarship, don't you have to have a pretty good reason--beyond "thought"--before you can axe somebody?

                    You may be thinking of Kamy Keshmiri, who started at UCLA but there was a stormy relationship regarding his father and who was coaching him, so he ended up at Nevada.... and then a few years later got popped.


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                      I always thought Kamy Keshmiri was a super talent in the discus. Too bad it had to end that way.


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                        Hey dumbass, get your facts straight before you spout shit off that you have no idea about. Noon was not tossed from the Trials (literally hours before it began), he was REINSTATED hours before it began, to which he chose to forego competing after sitting in a courtroom defending himself for days.


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                          Possible record here!
                          A five year 9 month interval between posts.


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                            And that's quite a snarky 1st post !


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                              Could be another record: What are the odds of banishment after one post???