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is anyone researching Indiana High School T&F 1916-1963


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  • is anyone researching Indiana High School T&F 1916-1963

    I'm currently in possession of a run of Indiana High School Handbooks and Programs from the annual Indiana High School Track and Field meets for most years, 1915-1963.

    Is there anyone currently doing research in this area - Indiana High School Track and Field?

    Does anyone know of an organization with a charter to archive and preserve such items? (Other than the Indiana High School Athletic Association)

    These items were collected by Burdine Hugh Gardner, Jr.
    They can be seen in these picture galleries.

    Indiana High School Athletic Association Track and Field Programs for 1919-1963

    Indiana High School Athletic Association Handbooks for 1915-1963

    Other material collected by Hugh Gardner is being sold on eBay this week, with auctions ending on Sunday. See my post in the Trading Post section if interested.


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    You've come to the right place, bobs. If none of the track geeks here can help you, then no one can.


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      For Indiana high school stats, contact Dennis McNulty ([email protected]), who has published a terrific Indiana high school annual for the last 15 years or so. Dennis is the President of the Indiana Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches, and has been the very successful head track coach at Warren Central HS for more than 30 years.

      The bulk of Hugh Gardner's stats collection resides with T&FN high school boys' editor Jack Shepard ([email protected]).


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        And both Gardner and McNulty have had their picture in T&FN, although not for particularly notable athletic feats. Can anybody remember why either of them made the mag? (talk about tough trivia!)


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          Would it have something to do with the TFN tours?


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              Hoosier TAF

              Pete Cava of DyeStat lives in Indianapolis.


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                McNulty was pictured in the 1970s, big hair and mustache I think, lead leg extended on the downhill side of the water jump in the steeple, running for Wabash College. Without peeking I can't remember if it was a general article about the steeple or what, but do I get a cookie anyway?

                I also recall him working the 1981 US International XC Trials race and yelling at some kid riding around on his bike and crossing the course during the race, "If you don't get that bike outta here I'm going to shove it up your ***!" Not a comment on his character, I hear he's a pretty nice guy.


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                  The picture (which you have nailed to a T) was there because it was a most unique steeplechase race. What was different about it?

                  There was no story; just the picture and a long caption.

                  (I'd cite where to find the picture, but I have no better recollection than it was in the mid-'70s, and pretty sure it appeared in U.S. Scene)


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                    I've got it, and I didn't cheat! One other element to the photo...he (and maybe another guy in the photo) had batons in their hands. A steeplechase relay!

                    A year's free subscription?


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                      I met McNulty circa 1979 via a friend who was a Hoosier. That was also an era when I'd read and re-read and study TAFNEWS like I was going to be tested on it. (I wish I could remember medical stuff as well. :wink: )


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                        How 'bout that...the first TAFNEWS issue I ever got, May 1976 (the Wolfman Mac Wilkins on the cover), p. 32. McNulty does have a big 'fro, but I got his school wrong.

                        "Walking on water? No, just Dennis McNulty of Indiana Central tredding [TAFNEWS spelling, pre-spellcheck ] lightly on top of the water pit during the Wabash College Relays. That's Joe Tonner of Wabash following. But wait--what are those things in their hands? Relay batons? Steeplers with relay batons? Whaa? It is indeed a steeplechase relay--a steeple medley relay even. This is the second year the event of 4x2x2x4 laps has been contested. "Our purpose is to encourage and expose runners to the steeplechase,' says Wabash coach Rob Johnson. Let's hope the idea doesn't take a bath."


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                          So how did Hugh Gardner appear in a picture in the magazine? (That requires memorizing the magazine from a much earlier time: even dj--who knew the McNulty answer--hasn't gotten that one yet.)


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                            Is anyone going to get this answer in 2008?


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                              I remember some Letters to the Editor from Hugh Gardner (Sr.?),
                              and some connection with the javelin?