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Why isn't Ted Corbitt better known?


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  • Why isn't Ted Corbitt better known?

    Considering he was a pioneer in distance running for African Americans and is a pioneer in ultramarathon competitions, you would think he would have a legendary status in running. I only discovered his accomplishments by accident. Also is he the greatest native born Black American distance runner?

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    Corbitt should be remembered for being a 1956 Olympic marathoner (44th), a force in ultra-running, and a pioneer in race course measurement. He was not a pioneer African-American distance runner.

    That honor would much more rightfully go to Earle Johnson, who was a two-time Olympian ('20, '24), finishing 8th in the 1924 10,000 and 3rd in the '24 cross country race.


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      And by the time Lindgren, Mills and Schul finally pushed distance running into the American consciousness in 1964, Corbitt was 45 years old. His time in the sun had long passed.

      Track & Field News published his biography in 1974; I have to admit that at that time, even having been at the magazine for several years, I had basically never heard of him.


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        Ted Corbitt was also one of the most modest, self-efacing human beings to set foot on this earth. Would never consider anything near self-promotion. This may be one factor in his low (?) profile.Think he was as revered in the Metropolatin area in the physical therapy field, as with his running and course certification.