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  • Indoor Sprint Conversion Help

    In the early 1990's, Massachusetts HS track switched from 50 yards to 55 meters. Examining the Green Book, for the 100y to 100m a conversion of 0.85 is offered, avoiding the overemphasis on the start which occurs with the 1.0936 multiplier. Is there a similar fixed conversion number for the indoor sprints ? (even one for just the imperial change of 50y to 60y ?) . . . . any help is much appreciated.


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    The problem is that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. After the fact one can look at the time, estimate the last-10m-split and figure what a 60y time would have been at 50m, 55m (very close), or 60m, but other than - good freakin' luck.


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      I use the following, which may not be perfect, but close:
      (converting to 60m) - 50y x 1.2574, 50m x 1.151, 60y x 1.0723,
      55m x 1.0705. (And 100m x .6495) Any suggestions of better
      conversions would be appreciated.


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        Also.... for hand to auto timing, since every .01 counts, I think .20 makes sense for a 60m conversion. If it's .24 for the 100, and .14 for the 400,
        wouldn't 60% of the difference be right for the indoor dashes? (And while on the subject,... is the 200m start more distant from the hand timers than the 100m start? Maybe it should be .26 or so? Just nitpicking..)


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          (Outdoor 200m, of course)