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Coe's comments on Walker


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  • Coe's comments on Walker

    Coe gives some of his recollections on John Walker in "Today's Headlines".
    Firstly, in the Commonwealth 1500m from 1974, Walker did not (closely) follow Bayi from the gun, trailing by 15-20 m up until about 800m and still 10-15 m behind at 1200m. Secondly, with due respect to Coe, I do not feel Walker was unbeatable in the 1500m at Montreal. He showed poor form in the 800m race, and struggled to hold back an up and coming Van Damme in the 1500m. It is possible that a faster pace in the 1500m - as may have resulted with African participants - would have been more to Walker's liking.

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    someone posted an article a while back where walker said he was in 3'30/3'31 shape in montreal & able to run whatever it woud take, etc

    in retrospect, i do believe him because he did manage 1'44 & 4'51 in space of coupla years ( '74 - '76 ) & was only young at 24y in '76 & shouda able to bring 1'44 speed ( although didn't do well in the '76 race) to his 4'51 endurance

    1'44.0 / 4'51.0 -> ~ 47.4 , 2'13.8 , 3'31.0 , 3'48.3 , 7'37.1 , 13'25.0

    i do believe it wouda taken a 3'30 guy to beat him in montreal in a pedal-to-floor race


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      Walker told me that he was fit and very confident going into the 1976 Games, but he picked up a cold/flu bug, and was not at his best for the 1500 metre final. He says he threw down a major bluff, and pulled it off. He thought he was very beatable on the day, he just didn't let anyone else know !


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        that makes sense, as in a fast race he shouda blown that field away ( i don't know if there was even a 3'34 guy in the field )

        still, ivo did have 1'43-speed, so, in a slow race he couda been capable of beating a fully fit walker


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          I think there were two threads that touched on this. Here was one of them:

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