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  • eraser & the SEC

    I keep index cards on over 70 colleges that have two athletes that meet my criteria of...


    I started this back around 1966 or so. At that time I had 8 or so schools. Yes it's an on going thing. My oldest athlete remaining....DeHart Hubbard is still long jumping for Michigan...haha 8-) The Big10 has a lot of old timers still there. Yep Jesse is still long jumping for OSU (I needed Chris Sanders in the 100 instead) and runs on the 4x1. It's going to be a sad day when I have to erase DeHart Hubbard and Jesse Owens.

    Action in the SEC is totally different. There I 'm wearing erasers out. Constant upgrading. All the other conferences combined wouldn't match what we"re seeing in the SEC in those events I keep track of.

    I do go with what an athlete accomplishes in a career, not what was done while at school. So it's more about alums or what a school has produced. Harvey Glance went to Auburn! That's my deal with this.

    Ok as of "right now" no doubt it will look different by season's end.

    SEC 4x1 relay


    1.Kentucky...Gordon McKenzie..Jim Green..DeMarcus Lindsey..Tim Harden
    2.Arkansas...J-Mee Samuels..Wallace Spearmon..Tyson Gay..Vincent Henderson
    3.Florida..John Capel..Bernard Williams..Dennis Mitchell..Jeff Demps
    4.Tennessee..Leonard Scott..Willie Gault..Justin Gatlin..Sam Graddy
    5.Auburn..Stanley Floyd..Marc Burns..Coby Miller..Harvey Glance
    6.LSU..Trindon Holliday..Glenroy Gilbert..Xavier Carter..Richard Thompson
    7.Alabama..Emmitt King..Chauncey Harris..Calvin Smith...James Mallard
    8.Mississippi..Tony Dees..Jason Sheldon..Kentall Triggs..Greg Saddler
    9.South Carolina...Terrence Trammell...Andre Totten...Rodney Martin...Leroy Dixon
    10.Miss State...De'Angelo Cherry..Pierre Browne..Lorenzo Daneil..Steve Mullings
    11.Georgia...Herschel Walker..Norman Edwards...Stanley Blaylock...Mel Lattany


    Speaking of the Big10...


    1.Michigan..Eddie Tolan..Ike Okenwa..Andrew Bruce..Adam Harris
    2.Iowa..Andre Morris..Tim Dwight..Jeff Patrick...George Page
    3.Indiana...Larry Highbaugh..Mike McFarland..Albert Robinson..Mike Goodrich
    4.Michigan State..Herb Washington...Bob Moreland...Eliott Tabron...Marshall Dill
    5.Ohio State...Jesse Owens..George Simpson...Chris Nelloms..Chris Sanders
    6.Illinois...Trenton Jackson..Willie Williams..Anthony Jones..Herb McKenley
    7.Penn State...Michael Timpson..Mike Sands...R. Olkowski...Barney Ewell
    8.Purdue...Rod Woodson...Alvin McNair...Larry Burton..Nate Adams
    9.Wisconsin...Lee Herig..Robert Hackett...Michael Bennett..Demi Omole

    Minnesota and NW..??? I had to cheat a little putting that together. That Illinois team is interesting with a couple Olympians and a 100m WR holder.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

    I do have one school done in ink because there will be no erasing and it's a shame. That would be the mighty....San Jose State.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

    Like I mentioned it was around 66 or so when I started this. At that time it was the SWAC that had the speed. The 4x1 was all about Texas Southern, Grambling and Southern U. Between 60-72 we'd see Stone Johnson and Richard Stebbins from Grambling make the 200m Oly team with Jimmy Hines and Robert Taylor making the 100 Oly team. Southern's George Anderson was the top ranked 100 man in the world in 65 and Oliver Ford would run a 10.0 WR in that time period. Theodious Bush from Texas Southern was the first national caliber SWAC sprinter he ran in the mid 50's.

    SWAC 4x1


    1.Grambling...Robert Woods...Jack Phillips..Richard Stebbins...Stone Johnson
    2.Jackson State...Dennis Trott..Tommie Dennis..Earl Thomas..Morris Jackson
    3.Southern U...Brian Johnson..Oliver Ford..John George..George Anderson
    4.Texas Southern...Henry Neal..Robert Taylor..Renaldo Dawson..Jimmy Hines
    5.Alcorn...Jerry Sims...Adrian Capital...Larry Brown...Willie McGee
    6.Prarie View...Willie Dearion...Eric Jones...Jeff Williams..Lewis Turner

    Might as well...

    Pac10 4x1


    1.WSU...Jay McSwain..Bennie Chatman..Norbert Payton...Anthony Buchanon
    2.Stanford...Darrin Nelson..Chuck Francis...Larry Questad...Clyde Jeffreys
    3.Cal..Isacc Curtis...Leamon King...Eddie Hart..Hal Davis (Atlee Mahorn?)
    4.UCLA...Mike Marsh...Ato Boldon..Henry Thomas...Warren Edmonson
    5.USC...Lennox Miller..Clancy Edwards...Don Quarrie..James Sanford
    6.ASU...Dwight Phillips...Marcus Brunson...Ron Brown..Henry Carr
    7.Arizona...Dwayne Strozier...Larry Dunn..Dwayne Evans...Michael Bates
    8.Oregon...Samie Parker..Pat Johnson..Don Coleman...Harry Jerome
    9.Washington...Sterling Hines...LaNoris Marshall..J.W.Hooker..Bernard Jackson
    10.OSU...Paul Lowe...Robert Medlock..Jerry Jordan...Willie Turner

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    Misread the first part of your post to mean that a single athlete met all of your standards of 9.4/10.29, 20.99, 46.99, 25', 13.99.
    So. are there any athletes who do meet all these standards?
    James Lofton, Tony Dees, Ralph Boston??
    or just decathletes like Dan O'Brien?


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      Originally posted by Bruce Kritzler
      Misread the first part of your post to mean that a single athlete met all of your standards of 9.4/10.29, 20.99, 46.99, 25', 13.99.
      So. are there any athletes who do meet all these standards?
      James Lofton, Tony Dees, Ralph Boston??
      or just decathletes like Dan O'Brien?
      I don't have a card for North Carolina complete yet. Need some 200m sprinters and a long jumper. However there is Allan Johnson. He'd meet all those standards. Also working on a Maryland card. Renaldo Nehemiah would also make the grade. Not sure what their open 400m was but I have no doubts a sub 46.99 is a sure thing.

      Lofton did run a 45.2r, 10.3ish 20.7ish 27, no hurdles I know of.

      Dees could probably run a sub 46.99. Long jump..?

      As we know Boston did run the hurdles. Sprinter..???

      I allow one individual event and both relays. More interested in depth than a star athlete who can do everything.