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"The greatest track meet of all time," plus a Quiz


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    Re: Re:

    >>You could be a WAH-KEEM CRUZ for all I know.<

    If I were, I would not
    >pronounce the J in my first name as if it were Spanish, rather than Portuguese.
    >It's more like zhwah. Definitely not wah.

    The elevator in a ranch house always goes to the top floor.


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      Re: Re:

      I make it 25 Olympic Medallists (if you include Martin Stokken!), here we go:

      Andy Stanfield (USA) 200 & 4 x 100 Gold 1952, 200 Silver 1956 – 100 1st 10.3, 4 x 100 1st 41.2, 200 1st 21.1
      Harrison Dillard (USA) 100 & 4 x 100 Gold 1948, 110H & 4 x 100 Gold 1952 – 100 3rd 10.4
      Rune Larsson (Sweden) 400H & 4 x 400 Bronze 1948 – 400H 3rd 52.9, 4 x 400 2nd 3:19.4
      Tore Sjöstrand (Sweden) 3,000S Gold 1948 – 3,000S 1st 9:07.6
      Göte Hagström (Sweden) 3,000S Bronze 1948 – 3,000S 4th 9:25.8
      Bjørn Paulson (Norway) HJ Silver 1948 – HJ 5th 1.95
      Tapio Rautavaara (Finland) JT Gold 1948 – JT 1st 72.55
      Toivo Hyytiäinen (Finland) JT Bronze 1952 – JT 2nd 69.89
      Cy Young (USA) JT Gold 1952 – JT 6th 61.87
      Lennart Strand (Sweden) 1,500 Silver 1948 – 1,500 1st 3:49.0
      Henry Eriksson (Sweden) 1,500 Gold 1948 – 1,500 2nd 3:49.2, 4 x 1,500 1st 15:41.2
      Arne Åhman (Sweden) TJ Gold 1948 – TJ 1st 15.33
      Mal Whitfield (USA) 4 x 400 Gold & 400 Bronze 1948, 800 Gold 1948 & 1952, 4 x 400 Silver 1952 –1st 3:11.4, 800 1st 1:51.8, 400 1st 46.8
      Craig Dixon (USA) 110H Bronze 1948 – 110 1st 14.2
      Horace Ashenfelter (USA) 3,000S Gold 1952 – 5,000 4th 14:49.4, 10,000 5th 31:57.8
      Herb Douglas (USA) LJ Bronze 1948 – LJ 1st 7.47
      Jim Fuchs (USA) SP Bronze 1948 & 1952 – SP 1st 17.79
      Wilbur Thompson (USA) SP Bronze 1948 – SP 2nd 16.44
      Fortune Gordien (USA) DT Bronze 1948 – DT 1st 55.57
      Martin Stokken (Norway) 4 x 10 km Cross Country (Nordic) Skiing Silver 1952 – 10,000 2nd 30:13.2
      Bob Richards (USA) PV Bronze 1948, Gold 1952 & 1956 – PV 1st 4.50
      Ragnar Lundberg (Sweden) PV Bronze 1952 – PV 2nd 4.30
      Erkki Kataja (Finland) PV Silver 1948 – PV 4th 4.20
      Bob Mathias (USA) DEC Gold 1948 & 1952 – DEC 1st 7346
      Lars-Erik Wolfbrandt (Sweden) 4 x 400 Bronze 1948 – 4 x 400 2nd 3:19.4

      Have any other dual meets included the marathon?


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        Re: Re:

        Thank you, EastBay for your posting about that old track meet. Interesting to see what Quercetani had to say.
        Also thanks to Huw Davies for listing the 25 medallists. I only knew a few of those but I am glad you included Martin Stokken who was a 2 sport hero in Norway.
        In '49 I was only 9 years old and not yet a 100% track fan. However, there was enormous interest in that meet. During those years I spent my summers in a farming district in Norway and all of a sudden there were old, taciturn farmers who I never knew followed sport, seriously discussing who was going to be on the Scandinavian team.
        I still remember one high school boy, who knew some English, telling us how to pronounce Mathias it was not "Mateeas" as we would say. Also we should not pronounce Fuchs in the German way.
        US athletes were superheroes in Norway in those days and the biggest star and most popular was Whitfield even though he always managed to beat Audun Boysen no matter how Boysen tried to run him into the ground. Boysen was one of the great front runners of all time and probably nr. 3 in the world between '52 and '56, But Whitfield could handle anything.


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          Re: Re:

          Huw Davies:

          Great job. I particularly enjoyed learning about Stokken, the skier/runner, something I would never have caught on my own.

          But as to Summer Olympian medalists competing in the great meet, my count still stands at 23 medalists competing for an average of one per event. I believe you overcounted by one – Sjostrand, the '48 3000m St Gold medalist, was not by my source, TF&N, a competitor in the meet. T&FN, shows the steeplechase was won by C. Soderberg in the time you gave. Sjostrand, is not listed as running.

          I notice you give the field events’ results in meters, so you may have a different source for info on the meet than T&FN. Is there a conflict between the reports?

          Also, you credited one more Bronze for Larsson, which I had missed, so the total number of Olympic medals won by the medalists goes up one to 38.

          In any event, a very thorough and most excellent response.


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            Re: The Greatest


            Your comments and insights made putting my post together well worth it. Thank you.

            Now, on the subject of greatness, how about the greatness of RLQ (a sobriquet by which he was often shown credited with his European reports in T&FN.)

            Does RLQ's judgement about this meet hold up over the years, is it still "the greatest track meet of all time, outside of the Olympic Games"?

            What other meets come close to matching this meet from '49 in drama and the sheer number of Olympic medalists fighting it out in event after event?

            And, if it is possible to find out, how says RLQ today about which is the greatest non-Olympics/Worlds meet ever?


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              Re: The Greatest

              And add a silver for Gordien in the 56 DT.


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                Re: The Greatest

                >And add a silver for Gordien in the 56 DT.


                I already had Gordien down for his two medals in my revised total of 38 Olympic medals won by the meet's participants. He deserves special mention as the only participant still able to medal seven years after this meet.