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How would Rupp and Pre do against Jesus Christ??


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  • How would Rupp and Pre do against Jesus Christ??

    Just wondering . . .

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    He wouldnt race them, but he is the reason why they were so good!


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      JC gets the nod over Pre in rock moving :twisted:
      Tom Hyland:
      "squack and wineturtle get it"


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        Rupp would win by default as the other two are dead. :lol:


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          Brasky would have taken all three hands down.
          "Who's Kidding Who?"


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            JC has a big advantage in the steeple with the walking-on-water thing...


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              I see the disciples as taking turns either rabbiting or boxing in the other two. JC in a sprint finish!


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                So is JC wearing Nike, adidas or Puma? My bet is he goes Abiba/Zola on Pre/Rupp . . .


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                  Was Jesus even known for his running?


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                    It makes little difference what Jesus said or did, as everything imaginable has and will continue to be attributed to him.
                    "Who's Kidding Who?"


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                      I'd just be careful at the water stations because JC was known to spike the water.


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                        With a tip of the hat to ex-SF mayor Willie Brown, who wrote this in his weekly SF Comical column today:

                        There are three good arguments that Jesus was black: He called everyone brother, he liked gospel, and he didn't get a fair trial.

                        But then, there are three equally good arguments that Jesus was Jewish: He went into his father's business, he lived at home until he was 33, and his mother was sure he was God.

                        But then, there are three equally good arguments that Jesus was Californian: He never cut his hair, he walked around barefoot, and he started a new religion.

                        But most compelling of all are the three arguments that Jesus was a woman: He fed a crowd at a moment's notice. He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just didn't get it. And even when he was dead, he had to get up because there was work to do.


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                          Depends, would they all be training with Salzar? Or would Mary Decker be a better coach for them? Also, would Zola Budd be attempting to push them down during races?


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                            Originally posted by Daisy
                            Was Jesus even known for his running?

                            He was known more for his extreme-sport endurance prowess.

                            Hiking for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness...that kind of stuff.

                            Little known fact: Track & Field was VERY big in the Middle East during this time period. Popular meets were the Jerusalem Invitational, the Damascus Relays, and the Bethlehem Track O' Rama.

                            Nike had just come out with an air-soled sandal, but Jesus died tragically before they could sign him to an endorsement deal.


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                              Who would fill more stadiums?

                              Pre was wildly eccentric and the epitome of the rebel of his time. Folks paid money to watch him run. Those who didn't have any listened to broadcasts on the radio or watched on television. Anyone less fortunate hung out at the pub and had a friend buy them a round whilst still catching a glimpse of a legend in the making.

                              Jesus, on the other hand, was less popular with the rebellious types, but had support in towns, communities and territories all around, because he ran for free. It cost nothing but time and a bit of leg work to catch him in action. Anyone who needed a ticket got a ticket - simple as that. If they were up in nose-bleed section, they received complimentary tissues.

                              Tough call on whose supporters in the stands would be more effective.

                              Do you think Jesus, knowing what a victory for Pre would have meant to his career, and, possibly the longevity of his life, would have pushed Pre from behind in M√ľnich? Perhaps Pre would have punched him, both men would have obstructed the path of the runners following, and both would have been DQ'd.