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    This birthday athlete was born 101 years ago today (Wednesday). He was an AAU champion, the NCAA champion, and the Olympic champion in his event. He graduated from the University of Iowa and had a fairly long career in his event. He competed in two Olympic Games and won the gold medal in his second Olympics. He died over thirty years ago.

    Hint: Another American took the silver medal when our man won the gold. The bronze medal went to an athlete from Japan who also won a gold medal at the same Olympics.

    Can you name this Olympic champion born on the first day of July?

    Another hint: He was never a spy that I know of, however a friend of mine has that nickname and also has the same name of our mystery champion.

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    Ed Gordon.
    You gave it away when you mentioned the Japanese jumper who had to be the great Chuhei Nambu.


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      Nice job, Per Andersen. Yes, it is Ed Gordon who was born July 1, 1908. Ed won the 1932 Olympic long jump and yes, my hint about the athlete from Japan was a big help. Good job.


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        Out of interest, Double R Bar, are the athletes you bring in typically people
        that you are very familiar with, or do you study them for the purpose of
        writing your quizes (once you have found a birthday match)?

        ``Very familiar'' implying that you do not just now the name, discipline, and
        that an OG was on some occasion won, but e.g., in this case, that he had AAU
        and NCAA titles.


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          I am pretty familiar with most of the athletes that I post. I've always enjoying reading about the champions of the past just about as much as our current champions.
          I think every athlete has an interesting story and there are very fascinating connections with all of them. By that, I mean each athlete is a person with something different to tell. Not just that they won an Olympic gold medal, an AAU championship, or a NCAA championship, but maybe something in their lives they had to overcome or something they did after their athletic career.
          People are very interesting to me and each has a story to tell. It's fun to recognize some of them on their date of birth. I could do it every day, but then it would become a job. Hope you enjoy some of it.


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            I do. You are a very positive contributor to these forums.


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              Thanks very much.