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1000y/1000m Conversion?


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  • 1000y/1000m Conversion?

    Question - I have a 2008 edition of the Big Gold Book, and am drawing this information from page 153.

    It says that for races like the 1000y/1000m, to convert a metric into imperial time, multiply by 1.0936. Is this possibly right, or should it be dividing to go metric to imperial?

    Real-world case:

    2:22.1 1000y from 1929 - using what is written in the book, would go to 2:10.07 1000m (142.1+.14*1.0936). Dividing would yield a time of 2:35.56 for 1000m.


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    Yes, that should be multiply when going from imperial to metric. A 2:21.1 for 1000y converts to 2:34.31 when using the 1.0936 multiply factor.

    It looks like you may be first adding a .14 seconds since it was a hand-time? My Green Book says "for races longer than one lap, statisticians recognize hand times at face value...." and don't add .24 or .14 as is done for shorter races.


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      Yikes! Shows how rarely anybody reads that page, which has it backwards awhile now.