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  • interview please!

    i know this isn't somewhere where someone would try and find a dentist but i searched the internet and this came up, so i'm giving it a shot. i also do run, i run cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. i lead my team in cross country and lead my distance team on the track. umm i'm not incredibly good (10:49 - 2 mile, 17:28 - 5k) but i love running, its my only form of release and escape from my troubles, umm, so i hope someone here is a dentist or knows a dentist and wants to pass this on to them for me, it will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    i'm a junior in high school, dreaming of becoming a dentist. I'm doing a career project in school and i need to interview a dentist. I need to ask 27 questions, really simple questions that would take very little time to respond to, so if you would be so kind and answer them, I'd thoroughly appreciate it. thank you for your time. (if you are going to respond to my questions could you please leave your full name (needed for the project) thank you)

    1. What is your official title?
    2. How long have you been working as a dentist?
    3. How hard is it to make it as a dentist, when you are starting off?
    4. Did you open your own business for dentistry? If not, whom do you
    work for?
    5. How many people do you have to employ to keep your business running
    6. How many other types of businesses do you have to work with in
    order to do your job to the fullest?
    7. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
    8. When did you decide to become a dentist?
    9. What did you do before college in order to prepare yourself to
    become a dentist?

    1. What was the range of grades that you got in high school?
    2. What classes were your strongest?
    3. What college did you go to? Why?
    4. Which courses did you take?
    5. How much harder is it to become a dentist compared to a dental
    6. How was the workload?
    7. Did you participate in anything in college (sports, clubs, etc.)?
    8. Did you go for you master's degree after getting the
    associate's/bachelor's? Why? /Why not?
    9. Did the college help set you up with an employer or help you on
    your way to starting up your career?
    10. Do you have any advice for someone who would be interested in
    studying dentistry?

    1. When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, how do you feel about
    going to work?
    2. What is the first/last thing you do when you get to work?
    3. What do you enjoy about being a dentist?
    4. What do you dislike about being a dentist?
    5. What's the hardest/easiest part about being a dentist?
    6. At the end of the day, how do you feel about what you've done for
    the day?
    7. Does being a dentist interfere with your family commitments?
    8. Would you change anything that you had done, concerning dentistry,
    if you had the change to do it over again?

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    Re: interview please!

    1 SATCH 2 NEVER 3NOT TOO HARD 4SATCH INC 5 NONE 6 NA 7 SPRINTER- LJ 8 NEVER 9 WORKED ON STARTS ED. 1A TO f 2 GYM 3 MORGAN gave me financial aid if I ran 4 asfew as possible5 Much harder 6 Gruelling 7TRACK & chicks! 8 yes 9 no 10 study PER. 1 NO alarm clock 2 BITCH& moan 3 nothing 4 bad breath ,non paying patients 5see above 6 just glad to be alive 7 NO 8 ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS GOOD LUCK satch


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      Re: interview please!

      Satch, if we take up a collection to pay for it, will you go to typing school?


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        Re: interview please!

        I CUL


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          Re: interview please!

          COULD not pass entrance exam


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            Re: interview please!

            new rule, no more kids or maggots with non track questions


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              Re: interview please!

              how about a new rule where we offer some respect to any earnest young track athletes that are just looking for help from a group that he or she thinks can help them. All the poor kid wants is a T&F Dentist to help him out with a school project.


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                Re: interview please!

                I agree with hjsteve. If we can tolerate multiple postings from PHil Shinnick, I certainly don't mind this question from some kid, who by the way writes more coherently than P.S.


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                  Re: interview please!

                  Moreover, it was probably our thread about Hall of Fame dentists that attracted him to this site to begin with.


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                    Re: interview please!

                    HEY MAN , LIGHTEN UP on a brother . SORRY ,IM AN ANTI DENTITE.