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Thank you Pater Farmer ...Australias nomadic hammer thrower


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  • Thank you Pater Farmer ...Australias nomadic hammer thrower

    Danni just won the worlds and to my mind that is the first win in the throws at a major international in 113 years of competeing by Australia.

    Alenzark got 4th at 2003, 7th at 2004 (may have got a 3rd in a world cup ??)
    Eagles 3rd in 2001 hammer, Joanna Stone 2nd Wave, 1997, Louise McPhail 2nd wjav 96 OG, (Gael Martin(Mulhall) also picked up a discounted bronze in LAn WShot....) and then we wind the clock back all the way to the 1977 World Cup where Peter Farmer comes third beating the Russian into 4th. I remember it made the ABC 7.45am news.

    Peter was trained by Dr. Tom Mullins (take a bow Tom) before heading off to UTEP. Now you would think that Aust Athletics would welcome this but they took it kind of personally, Peter made selection for the 74, Commonwealth games team, but as this was over the ditch in New Zealand Athletics Australia did not think they should be burdened with his plane fare from the US to NZ, they would only pay Sydney to Christchurch. Friends helped with the rest.

    Despite such overwhelming support Peter continued on, and made his way to Europe in Summer vacation time from UTEOP and trained with Walter Schmidt the WR holder , at some time in 1976 he joined Jon Cole for a while no easy feat getting to train with Cole from what I have heard, but Peter had a way of opening doors. Jon pushed his deadlifted to 700lbs. Then returned for summer Christmas holidays in 1976. Peter pulled together a group of hammer throwers, state champs, coaches of future national champs, juniors, his brother ..and me a 27.50m hammer thrower, when other queried WHY ???? he answered bluntly "we need somone to push our lifts"

    I remember throwing at the old ES Marks field and standing out around the high 60ms mark waiting for a throw. Out of the blue Pete hit one right and it went over our heads!!!!!! A new Commonwealth record we had the officials, but was turned down as the second best field in Australia's biggest city had not been surveyed for the throws...(well you would not would you, ....I mean go to such an expense, for nothing, ...I mean no-one here is going to do that, ...they all should be out doing something productive,.... running laps, ...or sandhills may be even better....)

    Of course who could forget his brother being banned for 3 months,,,not caffeine, not a cold medication, but his coach McDonald, had an article printed promoting the throws, in our major, paper, not bad in Cricket mad, League mad Sydney, and young Farmer had the temerity to wear a nAddidas T-shirt...."can't have profesionalism creeping into the sport!!!!!"..and I guess the throws don't need promoting, we had 14m shot putters coming out of our ears back then.

    Peter's career throwing continued, but people in the US will know more about it than I do.

    I beleive (correct me if I am wrong) that he ran the throwing program at AIS in the mid 80's.

    I do not believe he ever won an Australian championship, but he lifted the record from ordinary to international standard single handlely .

    He made Australians realise that if they wanted it they could have it, throwing was not something just for Americans and eastern Europeans.

    Peter where ever you are today, enjoy this...
    " we all overtrain" Pat Casey to George Frenn

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    Re: Thank you Pater Farmer ...Australias nomadic hammer thro

    Originally posted by Terry Gibbs
    I do not believe he ever won an Australian championship, but he lifted the record from ordinary to international standard single handlely .
    Peter did well but most of his success did come in/from the US. How many times did he actually compete in Australia after his junior days??? 1977 maybe once or twice?? I guess you can't blame him for changing nationality in the early 80s (I think..)

    Anna Pazera is still our only world record-holder in the throws, but she was really a product of Poland.

    Congrats to Dani for being our first real 'home-grown' throws champ.