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A Dream 200m Where Best Would Push Bolt


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    Originally posted by dj
    Originally posted by bman
    Amended list.

    1. Pietro Mennea Italy
    2. Tommie Smith United States
    3. Tyson Gay United States
    4. Usain Bolt Jamaica
    5. Michael Johnson United States
    6. Valery Borzov Soviet Unioin
    7. Mike Marsh United States
    8. Carl Lewis United States
    9. Xavier Carter United States
    With Mennea in lane 1 and unable to encroach on someone else's lane, there's little reason to have him in the race!
    I'd knock off X and I'd probably knock off Marsh. I'd put Borzov in 7, switch Bolt and MJ, Move Carl to 9 (what is his best time in lanes 7, 8 or 9?), put Carlos in 8, and put Jesse in 6:

    1. Mennea
    2. Smith
    3. Gay
    4. Johnson
    5. Bolt
    6. Owens
    7. Borzov
    8. Carlos
    9. Lewis


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      Originally posted by CookyMonzta
      Move Carl to 9 (what is his best time in lanes 7, 8 or 9?)
      Lewis ran 19.80 from lane 7 in the LA Olympic final.


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        Lane 1 Bolt (he still comes off the corner first (did it in helsinki)
        Lane 2 Mike Marsh
        Lane 3 Michael Johnson
        Lane 4 Frankie Fredericks
        Lane 5 John Carlos
        Lane 6 Tyson Gay
        Lane 7 Tommie Smith
        Lane 8 Ato Boldon
        Lane 9 Carl Lewis
        Should be a cracker (pun intended)
        1. Bolt
        2. Tommie
        3. Johnson
        4. Gay
        5. Fredericks
        6. Lewis
        7. Boldon
        8. Carlos
        9. Marsh
        why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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          no one put 2 time wc calvin smith, fuck v borzov, he was shite and probably abusing himself, may as well put in shawn crawford