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    Re: track History

    Bannister beat Landy in the Miracle Mile (3:58.8) and won the European Championships 1500 that same year (1954). Maybe just a single year but not just a single performance.

    >I wouldn't include Bannister or Beamon -
    >take away their respective great performances and
    >they aren't strong candidates


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      Re: track History

      >My Men's All Time Top Ten

      100-1.Bob Hayes
      >2.Carl Lewis 3.Jim Hines 4.Jessie
      Owens 5.Bobby
      >Morrow 6.Maurice Greene 7.Donovan
      Bailey 8.Armin
      >Hary 9.Valeriy Boroz 10.Eddie
      >1.Michael Johnson 2.Tommie Smith 3.Pietro
      >4.Henry Carr 5.Don Quarrie 6.Jessie Owens
      >Patton 8.Frankie Frederichs 9.Carl
      10.Calvin Smith
      400- 1.Michael Johnson
      >2.Lee Evans 3.Herb McKinley 4.Butch Reynolds
      >5.Alberto Juantornea
      6.Steve Lewis 7.Otis Dav is
      >8.Larry James 9.Bill
      Carr 10.Lou

      Your list is well-founded and great fun. But you have to find a place in one or both of the sprints for Metcalfe. True, Tolan beat him in both in 1932 and Owens beat him in 1936, but nobody -- nobody -- will ever equal his triple double double of 1932, 1933 and 1934. That achievement will stand longer than DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. (Anybody remember what DiMaggio's streak was for the San Francisco Seals before he went up to the Yankees? More than 60 games, I recall.)
      And in the 400, McKenley was a great all-around sprinter, but Wint beat him in 1948 and Rhoden (whom I would place fourth) in 1952.


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        Re: track History

        Your list is
        >well-founded and great fun. But you have to find
        >a place in one or both of the sprints for

        In the 50's, Maxwell Stiles of the LA Times ranked the all-time great sprinters. Metcalfe was #2 behind Bobby Morrow and ahead of Owens. Stiles didn't think it was odd, and he actually saw all of them run.