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  • Brothers

    Back in the 1930's the Järvinen family supplied a remarkable set of athletic brothers - Matti - won the OG Javelin in 1932, Akilles, who was 2nd in the Decathlon in both 1928 and 1932 [under today's scoring system he would have won both times], and Kalle - who was 13th in the Shot in 1932. A 4th brother - Yrjo - ranked in the top-30 in the JT in 1925 [Their Dad, Werner won Gold in the Greek Style Discus in 1906].

    Now we have 3 brothers - but all in the same event. The Samimi brothers - Abbas (born 9 June 77) with a PR of 64.98, Mohammad (29 March 87) 65.33 this year, and Mahmoud (18.9.88), 64.67 in 2009. Mohammad and Mahmoud went 1-2 in the WUG. Has there ever been another trio of brothers in the same event at a smilar level?

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    The Kolasa brothers were pretty good: Marian 5.81, Adam 5.75 and Ryszard 5.60.
    Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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      Even if we stick with early 20th century Finns, there are the Kolehmainen brothers, who all did quite well in the marathon: Tatu, who fought for medals in the '12 OG marathon before collapsing in the heat; Viljami (WIlliam), a long-time WR holder (though he was a professional by then so his times don't show up in all WR progressions); and of course Hannes, an Olympic Champion (over 10k and 5k as well).

      Hannes and Viljami even held the WR in the same event simultaneously - Viljami with the professional marathon WR and Hannes with the amateur marathon WR!


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        Christopher Koskei, Abraham Cherono and Saif Saeed Shaheen


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          Richard Chelimo, Ismael Kirui, Willy Kirui


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            And if we were talking 3 sisters, the Dibabas are the most obvious example.
            Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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              Eritrea's Tadasse brothers have bests of 26;37.25 and 27;06.16 for 10,000 meters.


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                Weren't there three in the Simon Naali (?) bunch? Roadsters and marathoners maybe.


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                  Originally posted by Hedgehog
                  Weren't there three in the Simon Naali (?) bunch? Roadsters and marathoners maybe.
                  Simon Robert Naali pb 2:10:38
                  Thomas Robert Naali pb 2:10:08
                  Francis Robert Naali pb 2:09:33

                  There was also Ergobert Robert Naali, not sure if he was another ...


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                    The French-based vaulting Tavares sisters-Elisabete,Sandra-Helena and Maria Eleonor of Portugal via the Cape Verde Islands.All in the 4.25-4.35 range.


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                      How about the Stewarts? Two brothers and a sister:

                      Ian Stewart: Olympic bronze, European gold, Commonwealth Games gold, European Indoor gold, World Cross Country gold and UK national records at 1500m, 2000m and 2miles

                      Peter Stewart:European indoor gold and UK national record holder at 1 mile

                      Mary Stewart:Commonwealth gold at 1500m

                      Peter and Mary both ran for England and Scotland. Ian ran for Scotland.


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                        There's the Fuentes-Pila sisters, who represent Spain in the middle distance events.

                        Iris Fuentes-Pila (PBs of 2:02.40 & 4:04.25, former Euro Cup winner and 8th at the Olympics last year)
                        Margarita Fuentes-Pila (PBs of 2:01.76 & 4:20.34)
                        Zulema Fuentes-Pila (PBs of 2:03.67, 4:04.72, 8:52.90 & 9:29.40 [SC], 12th in Olympic steeple last year)

                        There's also a Jose Fuentes-Pila (3:50.06, 8:25.20, 14:11.67 guy), but I don't know if he is related to the three Fuentes-Pila sisters.


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                          Nigerian sprinters Davidson and Osmond Ezinwa Jamaican 400 meter runners Mal and Mel Spence U.S. decathletes Darren and Dan Steele U.S.sprinters Dennis and Denise Mitchell


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                            The greatest 100 combo ever: Usain Bolt and whatever sibling(s) he may have :-)


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                              Since I haven't seen it mentioned, I'll add the Borlee brothers and one sister.

                              Too many pairs of siblings to mention. Japanese Soh brothers in the marathon. McMullens were odd, one in the 1500 and one in the decathlon. And others...