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    One of my all-time favorite races took place during the second world championships. The winner of that race turns 54 years old today (Monday). This runner is an Olympic champion (twice) and many consider this athlete to have owned this event. Who is our birthday athlete today?

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    The Great One, himself, Edwin Moses!!!!


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      Not only did he 'own' his event, he may have owned his event more than anyone else ever owned theirs! Who else had such meticulous preparation? I know that PVer Derek Miles did, but he was not as dominating as Moses. Edwin was the 'Ideal Champion' in terms of how much he invested into his event.


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        Marlow's right about the meticulous preparation...but what about the meticulous postparation (I know it's a made-up word)?

        I remember watching him warm-up @ Mount SAC for a race quite some years ago and rountinely winning his race....but what really impact'd me was his cool-down after finishing...grant'd he probably was combining the cool-down with a victory lap, but it was quite impressive on a young lad so long ago.


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          Very good ndamix! Happy birthday today to Edwin Moses. He is 54 today. I wonder how fast he could run the 400 hurdles today. I was lucky enough to see him win both of his Olympic gold medals and both of his world championship gold medals. He was a lot of fun to watch. Happy birthday, Edwin.