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They Are Olympic Champions


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  • They Are Olympic Champions

    Today (Wednesday) one man turns 43 while the other is 37. Both won Olympic gold medals, but in different years and different events. The older of the two set a world record in winning his gold medal. This world record still holds today. The younger of the two set an Olympic record in winning his gold medal. This Olympic record still holds today. The older of the two was born in North America while the younger man was born in Europe. The total distance of their events adds up to 1,200 meters. Can you name the two birthday athletes today?

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    Kevin Young and Vebjørn Rodal (the last clue makes it sort of easy...)


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      Double R Bar, can you please alert me ahead of time when you are going to post this type question, so I can just once get a chance to answer it ahead of someone else ?!


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        Very good, LopenUupunut. Happy birthday today to Kevin Young (43) and Vebjorn Rodal (37). Young, of course, won in Barcelona and Rodal took his gold medal in Atlanta.

        Ok, dukehjsteve, I'll try and give you a warning on the next one.