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Best ever Track/Field Athletes from THESE high schools #1


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  • Best ever Track/Field Athletes from THESE high schools #1

    Quiz: ergo, a test of memory (not of research skills for the newbies here)

    Name the prominent T&F athletes who went to these high schools (and remember, this is on the Historical Board):

    Point scoring: 1 for the first person identified correctly, down to 20 for the last one. (If the first person gets five correct identifications that will be 15 points, still not enough to overcome the person who correctly gets the last of these 20 people.)

    Quiz #1
    1. Lancaster HS (PA)--Barney Ewell
    2. Glendale HS (CA)--Frank Wykoff
    3. Cape Elizabeth HS (ME)--Joan Benoit
    4. Clark HS (Opelousas, LA)--Rod Milburn
    5. Jordan HS (Los Angeles, CA)--Florence Griffith-Joyner
    6. Lincoln HS (East St. Louis, IL)--Jackie Joyner-Kersee
    7. Connellsville HS (PA)--John Woodruff
    8. Essex Catholic HS (Newark, NJ)--Marty Liquori
    9. Bromfield School (Harvard, MA)--Lynn Jennings
    10. Henley HS (Klamath Falls, OR)--Dan O'Brien
    11. Coral Gables HS (FL)--John Pennel
    12. Crenshaw HS (Los Angeles, CA)--Johnny Gray
    13. Ashland HS (KS)--Wes Santee
    14. Curtis HS (Staten Island, NY)--Abel Kiviat
    15. Collegeville-Trappe HS (Collegeville, PA)--Horace Ashenfelter
    16. Central HS (Fort Worth, TX)--Earle Meadows
    17. Hoover HS (Glendale, CA)--Jack Davis
    18. Brown Prep (Philadelphia, PA)--Mel Sheppard
    19. Haverford HS (Havertown, PA)--Jean Shiley
    20. Hyde Park Academy HS (Chicago, IL)--Jim Fuchs

    SCORING (210 points total, 57 points still out):
    57 cullman (18,19,20)
    32 mcgato (9,10,13)
    23 Bruce Kritzler (11,12)
    18 Davidokun (3,4,5,6)
    17 tc (17)
    16 gm (16)
    15 BisonHurdler (7,8)
    15 EastBayprepoftheweek67 (15)
    14 tandfman (14)
    3 rhymans (1,2)

  • #2
    to start things off - Barney Ewell would be Lancaster, and Mark Murro - Essex Catholic


    • #3
      Glendale - Frank Wykoff


      • #4
        Ewell is correct, as is Wykoff; 3 points so far.

        Murro is a good answer, and a great answer based on high school careers. But not the answer we're looking for.


        • #5
          Cape Elizabeth HS (ME): Joan Benoit Samuelson

          Clark HS (Opelousas, LA): Rod Milburn

          Jordan HS (Los Angeles, CA): Florence Griffith-Joyner

          Lincoln HS (East St. Louis, IL): Al Joyner and Jackie Joyner-Kersee


          • #6
            Damn, rhymans had to take the easiest one (for me at least, Ewell's from my hometown area).

            Connellsville is John Woodruff.

            And I'm assuming you're looking for Liquori from Essex Catholic? Or is he not historical enough?

            Edited for clarity


            • #7
              You are probably looking for Marty Liquori from Essex Catholic, since you said Mrro was not it.

              edit to add... I now see bison hurdler beat me to it !


              • #8
                Bromfield School (Harvard, MA) is Lynn Jennings and Ari Lambie
                Coral Gables (FL) may be Sanya Richards, but I forget where she went.


                • #9
                  Is Henley in Klamath Falls Dan O'Brien?


                  • #10
                    Davidokun, correct on Benoit (3), Milburn (4), Flo-Jo (5) and JJK (6), good for 18 points!


                    • #11
                      BisonHurdler lost Ewell (but that was a 1-pointer).

                      But he picks up Woodruff (7) and Liquori (8), good for 15 points.


                      • #12
                        mcgato gets Jennings (9), but misses on Coral Gables HS


                        • #13
                          mcgato also gets O'Brien (10) and moves to the lead with 19 points!!!


                          • #14
                            Hoover - Forrest Beaty


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by jhc68
                              Hoover - Forrest Beaty
                              Best Hoover athlete as a high schooler, but not for a full career.