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Pre 1960 - Just some names ... Oldtimers trivia


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  • Pre 1960 - Just some names ... Oldtimers trivia

    Who belongs in #1 spot
    Who belongs in #6 spot
    What is this list?
    What year?

    2 Henry Kennedy
    3 Gaylor Denslow
    4 Sture Landquist
    5 Selwyn Jones
    7 Billie Tidwell
    8 Perry Block
    9 Bill Squires
    10 Ike Matza

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    I don't know what the list is but Sture Landquist is a Swede who ran distance for Oklahoma A&M circa 1953-54.


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      Looks like the top ten NCAA cross-country or AAU cross-country circa mid 1950's....

      Don't know who #1 or #6 are but I'm sure gh will know...


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        Originally posted by lovetorun
        Looks like the top ten NCAA cross-country or AAU cross-country circa mid 1950's....

        I gotta think about the two missing names. Probably won't come up with them.


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          Fred Eckoff, (Norway) # 6. If memory serves, Okla A&M won NCAA in 1954.


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            Unless I'm mistaken, Billy [sic] Tidwell was a very good 880/mile guy--early claim to fame was that he was the only one to beat Santee in KS HS competition in Santee's last 3 years.


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              The first name I thought of as the winner of this race was Deacon Jones. Just for the heck of it, I looked it up. I was right.


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                right (of course) on Deacon - did you find #6?


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                  Others from that era:
                  Forddy Kennedy
                  Doug Kyle
                  Gord Dickson


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                    Are you sure about Deacon Jones?

                    This is from the U of Missouri web site.


                    Missouri claimed three All-Americans in five years including Keith Bacon. Bacon won the 1955 NCAA Individual Cross Country Championship, the only Tiger to do so.

           ... 04aaa.html

                    Meanwhile elsewhere:

                    Deacon Jones was a three-time AAU steeplechase champion (1957-58 and 1961). He also won the NCAA 2-miles in 1957 and the cross-country in 1955.

           ... nes-2.html

                    Needless to say we have an anomaly here.


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                      1955 NCAA xc championship - Deacon Jones - 1st - my 'source' says he won by one yard - musta been some race. Of course he played later for the Rams (no wonder he won by a yard).

                      #6 is more 'famous', but not quite ready for the fearsome foursome (a clue).

                      Jones - Bacon - I'll hafta refer to my 'double trouble' sources.

                      Your reference cites "Bacon won in 55 .... then says ... "Jones won in 55" ....Parallel universes? An anomoly for sure!!!


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                        pretty nice info source

                        1955 Charles Jones, Iowa 19:57.4

                        Interesting side note - or maybe THE note ... reportedly run in 10 degree wather and, surprisingly , a snow covered course.

                        Edward Monelly, Notre Dame, 11th
                        John Miller, Oberlin, 12th
                        John Hughes, Colorado, 13th
                        Robert Fagerty, St. Joseph's of Philadelphia, 14th
                        Tony Pentino, Indiana, 15th
                        Neil Burson, Miami of Ohio, 16th
                        and Harold Long, Kansas, 17th.

                        Michigan State, by placing four men among the first eight, captured the team title for the fifth time. Nearly 40 colleges and universities competed for the team championship

                        and that 6th place guy was ... one of my first heroes in Track/field even though I don't officially qualify as an 'oldtimer' - I aint even 60 yet. Although I know some of you are pushin ... well a few yrs older than that


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                          mmmm - this may need to go into overtime - as each of these guys are mentioned in several places albiet Bacon in the Missouri references and Jones in more 'official" (i.e., NCAA) sources.


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                            This gets curiouser and curiouser. The Iowa XC webste says that their alumnus Deacon Jones won the NCAA XC in 1957. Nothing about 1955.

                   ... pdf/awards


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                              may have something to do with fact that the original listing is not the '55 results. These are:

                              1. H. Kennedy
                              2. Delany
                              3. Sowell
                              4. Stiegitz
                              5. Pflaging
                              6. Moorhead
                              7. S. Jones
                              8. Denslow
                              9. Lockerbie
                              10. Midler