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RIP ex-Vol distance man Melvin Maxwell


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  • RIP ex-Vol distance man Melvin Maxwell ... 09aaa.html

    Maxwell was mentioned in Marvin West's great book "Tales of the Tennessee Vols." I think the entire text of the book is at the below link. The recruitment of Maxwell is discussed on page 51. Go to the table of contents to find the chapters on track and field and enjoy some great stories. ... q=&f=false

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    Well, not quite the entire text. Several pages are omitted.

    I have a question about something written on page 72, about the mile run competition among Vol football players. Maybe I'm underestimating the athletic ability of these guys, but could any football player today run a 5:02 mile? Or 5:08 or even 5:25? Rule out the linemen. LBs -- I don't know. Maybe. Skill players are more oriented toward sprints. I hesitate to question anything written by Mr. West, but just like all of us, he ain't perfect, either.