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Gerry Lindgren.


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    Re: Gerry Lindgren.

    >The (Some Oriental thing; gave a samari helmet as a prize; supposed to go to a
    >race inJapan too but got zapped out of it so a guy from Club NW could go) Games
    >Close enough??


    Snow Blizzard (how should I know?)

    OK, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. (Her name is Tina). I would say that you're the guy...


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      Re: Gerry Lindgren.

      I saw Gerry in the "High School 2 Mile" at the Cow Palace, in San Francisco, 1964. I was HS Junior at Berkeley High running track and X-Country. There were a couple of other notable HS runners in the race also. One was a James Ryun from East HS in Wichita, KS. Another was Ralph Gamez, a Freshman at Foothills HS. Ralph later transfered to Berkeley and in 1965 was part of our distance squad that posted a 7:44.2 2MR and 10:13.9 DMR. But that's another story.

      In the HS 2 Mile that night at the Cow Palace the program listed Gerry's qualifying time as "9:05?" the question mark was because the time was in doubt. Ryun's time was listed at 9:11. Mike Ryan from Wilcox HS in Santa Clara was also supposed to be in the race but didn't make it. He had posted a 9:08.

      When the race started Jim Ryun fell on the first turn, (an unfortunate trait that would haunt him later in his career)and by the time he got to his feet the other runners had completed the first lap of the 160y track. At the end of the race Gerry had run 9:00.0 and had lapped all other runners.... but one. Jim Ryun was the only runner to finish on the same lap, running 9:15. A few weeks later Gerry would run 8:40 truly one of the greatest HS runners in our history. Who can forget his thrashing of the Russians at Los Angeles in the 1964 US - USSR meet.

      Here's to you, Gerry... wherever you are.


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        Re: Gerry Lindgren.

        >yep that is Gerry's e-mail address...the gerrythejogger-email...

        >although the story in Runners World seems interesting...then I felt it was
        >strange how they finally write about running history, but then not focusing on
        >the running part...

        That's interesting. Looking around the letsrun site looking for any information about its rumoured demise and find the following link:

        Which I notice has the same contact information as the gentleman who posted above and is also partially or completely run by him:

        "This site is © Copyright Gerry Lindgren/Christian Friis 2004-2005, All Rights Reserved"


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          Re: Gerry Lindgren.

          >>Lindgren has got to be one of the greatest enigma's in US distance
          >history. Ran incredibly well for a few years ...>>

          A few years?!
          >He made headlines/rankings in T&FN over a 10-year span, from his junior year in
          >high school ('63) through '72. Few Americans have ever had a LONGER career!

          I seem to remember reading something in the RW article about Gerry running injured in the 1964 OLG finals, when Billy Mills won. Can you post the results of that race?