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176 Years Old Today


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  • 176 Years Old Today

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to three Olympic champions. Again, we'll call the oldest (84 years old today) number one. Number two turns 48 years today and number three is 44 this day.

    Number one competed in three Olympic Games as did number three, but number two competed in only one Olympic Games.

    Number two won one Olympic gold medal as did number three, but number one won two Olympic gold medals.

    Number three was born in North Carolina while number one was born in Illinois, but number two wasn't born in any of the U.S. states.

    Numbers one and two both won Olympic gold medals in the same event while number three has a complete collection of Olympic medals, gold, silver, and a bronze.

    Number two's last name begins with the only letter not found in one of the U.S. states. Number three has the same name as a famous comic strip character. Number one has the same initials as the winner of the Olympic Games 400 meters from 1920.

    Number one was twice the Pan American Games champion and the only man to win his event twice in the Olympics. Number three's wife competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Number two had a teammate who broke the world record in his event just a few weeks after number two won the Olympic gold medal.

    Can you name numbers one, two, or three with birthdays today?

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    Re: 176 Years Old Today

    #2 is Pierre Quinon, which makes #1 Bob Richards (the "same event" clue being extremely helpful). Still working on #3.


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      Re: 176 Years Old Today

      #3 is Dennis Mitchell.


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        Re: 176 Years Old Today

        Nice job, LopenUupunut. You got all three. Happy 84th birthday today to Bob Richards. He was the second man to vault over 15 feet and now he has a son with a better pr.
        Happy 48 birthday to Pierre Quinon who won the pole vault in Los Angeles 28 years after Richards won the vault in Melbourne.
        Happy 44th birthday today to Dennis Mitchell whose wife (Damu Cherry) was fourth in the Beijiing Olympic 100 hurdles.