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all-time all-comers?


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  • all-time all-comers?

    Is there a list for all-time best marks in all-comers meets? I know some folks hereabouts might have issues defining what an all-comers meet really is. We all know one when we see one, though. I guess an all-comers is a meet open to anyone with no pre-registration required and not necessarily officially sanctioned or certified by governing bodies. Anyway, what are the best marks people have seen at all-comers events?

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    Re: all-time all-comers?

    I have seen a few decent all-comer performances such as a 3:58 mile. However, my best memories along those lines were in Boulder watching a couple of workouts on the Potts outdoor track.

    The first was in 1985 when Simeon Kigen and Rob DeCastella were running 'in and outs' i.e., sprinting the straights and 'jogging' the curves and doing 13:48 for 3 miles at 5300 feet.

    The other was about 10 years ago when I drove over to the track about 6pm one evening to do a work out. As I arrived, I noticed Said Aouita doing a workout, all alone on the track, so I stayed in the car and watched. He was doing repeat 400s in 57! (on my watch) with about a 40 second interval and he did 12 at that pace. After that I wasn't going to do my middling repeats and left them for the next day.


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      Re: all-time all-comers?

      Given how little attention USATF pays to being strict on qualifying standards these days, any recent nationals qualifiers as an AC :-)


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        Re: all-time all-comers?

        Nah, to meet my criteria for an all-comers there should be no need to even notify anyone that you intend to show up and in the field events, once the competition begins, there should be at least an even chance that one of the competitors will also be the official!!!


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          Re: all-time all-comers?

          In the mid-60's there were terrific all-comers during the summer on Wednesday evenings at Orange Coast College in southern California. Lots of times national level athletes would be there: Toomey, Ed Burke, John Dobroth, and many others. Relaxed atmosphere, high quality performances and big time athletes mixing with kids, has beens and never-was folks. As high school athletes we could see how elite guys worked out and talk to them about what they thought and hear great stories. Very good times that bred tradition and continuity within the sport.


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            Re: all-time all-comers?

            So Cal / Pierce College: 60s - 70s: big names, big time, big times


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              Re: all-time all-comers?

              I've mentioned it before, but back in the early-mid 60's they had neat all-comers meets at the Track stadium in Van Cortlandt Park in NYC. Saw and competed against athletes ranging from nobodies like myself to Parry O'Brien. Lotsa fun !


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                Re: all-time all-comers?

                Los Gatos HS All-Comer Meets

                100m Ato Bolden 10.27
                200m Ato Bolden 20.66
                400m Phillips 45.52
                800m R. Green 1:48.4
                1500m Clifford 3:40.5
                Mile Smith 3:59.2
                2 miles Bloom 8:41.6
                5000m John Moreno* 13:54.5
                10000m Gruber 29:56.5
                110HH 13.7h
                400IH Armstrong 50.25
                400mR SJSU 40.3
                Mile Relay Army 3:12.0
                SP Greg Tafralis 72'1.25"**
                DT Bunsic 222'2"
                LJ McRae 26'7.5"
                TJ Tyler 53'0.25"
                PV Slover 18'9"
                4xMile 18:01.88***

                *Fellow Terra Nova graduate
                **#8 all-time American; 16th all-time world
                ***Masters World Record

                100m Gaines 11.78
                200m A. Brown 23.25
                400m Griffith 52.7
                800m Campbell 2:00.0
                1500m Plummer 4:09.4
                Mile St. Geme 4:33.2
                3000m St. Geme 9:05.2
                2 miles R. Jacobs 9:11.9*
                5000m Ditz 16:08.0
                10000m Ditz 33:39.0
                100mHH Nunn 13.35
                300mIH Maxie 40.5**
                400mIH Maxie 56.64
                400mR Whiz TC 48.78
                Mile Relay Helwig-Walker-Demarest-Miller 4:04.0
                SP Dukes 57'11"
                DT B. Faumania 209'11"
                LJ Edwards 21'6.5"
                HJ Klough 6'3"
                TJ Brown 39'11.75"
                PV S. Dragila 14'9.75"


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                  Re: all-time all-comers?

                  Nice marks!!!


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                    Re: all-time all-comers?

                    If I'm not mistaken isn't Regina Jacobs' 9:11.9 for 2 miles a Women's 'world best'???


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                      Re: all-time all-comers?

                      Probably -- it's listed at least as a national mark.


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                        Re: all-time all-comers?

                        Definitely ...

                        examples from 1964:

                        Bob Shul and Jim Grelle running under 4 mins one night

                        Ron Larrieu and Billy Mills breaking the U.S. record for 6 miles

                        and, I believe, Bob Shul's WR for 2 miles