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Line up with most WR-holders....


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    Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

    We have a 7 ... twice, and 6!

    First, the 1956 Olympic 5000 meters:
    1st. Vladimir Kuts (WR at 5000 & 10,000
    2nd. Gordon Pirie (WR at 3000 & 5000)
    3rd. Derek Ibbotson (WR Mile)
    5th. Albert Thomas (WR 2 Miles, 1958)
    6th. László Tábori (WR 1500)
    9th. Pyotor Bolotnokov (WR 10,000)
    11th. Chris Chataway (WR 5000)

    Then, the 1964 Olympic 10,000 meters:
    1st. Billy Mills (WR 6 Miles)
    3rd. Ron Clarke (WRs 2 Miles through One Hour)
    7th. Murray Halberg (WR 2 Miles, 3 Miles)
    9th. Gerry Lindgren (WR 6 Miles)
    11th. Siegfried Herrmann (WR 3000)
    18th. Ron Hill (WR 10 Miles)
    25th. Pyotor Bolotnikov (WR 10,000)

    Thrown in for good measure are two future Olympic gold medalists: Mamo Wolde and Naftali Temu.

    And for what it's worth, the 1964 Olympic 5000m is a 6:
    1st. Bob Schul (WR 2 Miles)
    2nd. Harald Norpoth (WR 2000m)
    4th. Michel Jazy (WR Mile, 2000m, 3000m, 2 Miles)
    5th. Kip Keino (WR 3000m, 5000m)
    6th. Bill Baillie (WR 20,000m, One Hour)
    9th. Ron Clarke (WR 2 Miles to One Hour)


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      Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

      All the sixes and sevens include wr holders at other events. So five is still pretty good, and I'll go back to the 1936 OT high jump: Marty, Johnson, Albritton and Walker. Steers apparently didn't compete, but a man named Ed Burke did, and he was a high jump world record holder indoors. At least that is five in the same event.
      And how about largest proportion of finalists who held world records? I'll start with the 1948 Olympic 100m: 5 out of 6, 83.3 %. Ewell, LaBeach and McDonald Bailey all equal 10.2, Patton 9.3, and Dillard in the high and low hurdles of course.


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        Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

        "All the sixes and sevens include wr holders at other events."

        That's right so 5 is still the best. Nobody has produced evidence of a race with better than 5 record setters in THAT event all lined up together.


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          Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

          This thread is a little stale, but I'm sure that 5 can be improved upon significantly. My T&FNs don't go back far enough, but I'm sure, given the concentration of American PV WR holders in the '60s (9 in all), a Nationals in one of those years, or perhaps the 64 OT, should have more than 5. Sufficiently detailed Web resources covering the period are thin. Can anyone confirm my guess ?


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            Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

            I thought for a moment I had verified Berkeley's exceedly astute surmise. From TFN's summary of the 1964 AAU pv: 1. Fred Hansen 17, 2. Dave Tork 16-8, . . . 5 John Pennel 16-4 1/2, . . . 15 (tie) [John] Uelses 15. NH . . . [Paul] Wilson . . . Seagren. But "Seagren" apparently is Art Seagren of the US Army, not Bob Seagren, then graduating from Pomona High School.


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              Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

              and Art is Bob's older brother.


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                Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

                I meant to ask whether they were related. Thank you.


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                  Re: Line up with most WR-holders....

                  The 3000m race from Crystal Palace in July 1982 did include five world record breakers (Moorcroft, Walker, Ovett, Maree, P. Koech) who in the past and the future held records over 1500m, 1 Mile, 2000m, 2 Miles, 5000m and the Steeple. Only the 3000m record is missing; Henry Ronos best record lastet until 1989...
                  And the first three in this race all set area (continental) records...and this in the "missing" world record event.