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  • Buckeyes

    Today (Sunday) we celebrate two birthdays. Both people graduated from the same college. Both athletes are no longer alive. Both men won a total of seven Olympic gold medals.

    Athlete "A" was born 97 years ago this day while athlete "B" was born 76 years ago today. Both set world records during their track and field careers.

    Athlete "A" won all his gold medals in one Olympic Games while athlete "B" won his gold medals in two Olympic Games.

    Athlete "B" died about eight months ago and was once on the cover of Sports Illustrated. You might know his nickname, "Jeep".

    Athlete "A" has the same initials as the founder of Georgia (the U.S. state). Athlete "B" has the same initials as the U.S. naval officer who directed the defeat of the Spanish navy in the Philippines in 1898.

    Both men have been mentioned many times in our TFN group. Can you name these Olympic champions born on the same day some 21 years apart?

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    Re: Buckeyes

    Glen Davis, Jessie Owens (both Ohio State Buckeyes)


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      Re: Buckeyes

      Davis rain in the Melbourne and Rome Olympics. Pretty sure , that was it [2] .


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        Re: Buckeyes

        Good work, Bruce Kritzler. Happy birthday today to two Buckeyes, Jesse Owens and Glenn Davis. Of course you know Jesse Owens won four Olympic gold medals in Berlin about 74 years ago. Glenn Davis won three Olympic gold medals in two Olympic Games. Davis won the 400 hurldes in Melbourne and in Rome. He also ran the third leg on the four by 400 relay that broke the world record.

        My mistake saying that Davis ran in three Olympics. I should have said two Olympic Games.