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comparing these juniors/youth athletes in their prime?


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  • comparing these juniors/youth athletes in their prime?

    Hi, i am quite new to these boards, and as a junior sprinter myself i have heard alot about these junior athletes that i am about to list, but i just wondored if any more track knowledge fans on here might be able to just simply give me your opinions on the athletes, on there ability and what might have been, of them if there transition from junior to senior had gone to plan?.

    william reed 85/86 : darrel brown 99/03 : houston mctear, 100m comparison.

    i have heard about william reed on age group record lists, on an iaaf stat book i have it lists at 16 he ran the 100m in 10.0 in phili in 1986, it also says in the 1986 world junior champs at 16 he split a 44.61 400m split in the 4x400m final. but what is anybodys opinion who has seen him run in person or elsewhere. was he a prodigy like usain bolt, and could he perhaps of matched or beaten him as a youth?

    was he as good or better than darrel brown who always looked like he was just relaxing or taking it easy, maybe that was his running style but he ran 10.09 at 16 or 17 and at 16 i think got a bronze on the anchor in the 2001 wch 4x100m final.

    i have heard about houston mctear running a 9.0 flat 100 yd dash time in high school, and some crazy story about him even racing trains, how wuld he compare to the other 2 in the 100m?

    usain bolt 01/04 : roy martin 85/87, 200m comparison.

    usain bolt was a prodigy from 15 when winning the 200m world junior title at 15, and i know his transition from junior to senior has been a success but could he have beaten a prime roy martin in the 200m whan they are both youth/junior athletes?

    roy martin am i correct in thinking he ran 20.13 200m as a junior athlete a soph in high school?, which i still think is the 200m junior record, correct me if i'm wrong?.

    obea moore 95/95 : bryshon nellum 05/07, 400m comparison.

    i have heard about how obea moore ran a 45.14 at 16, and some crazy 4x400m legs, aswell as being able to run sub 21 200m and a decent 100m even a sub 1.50 800m? and i dotn know if true but a 44xx at 17 at the 96 olympic trials?, not sure if that is true or not.

    bryshon nellum ras good in 2007 and also featuring in 400m races in the years prior in iaaf world youth and junior 400m finals. i know he has had recent problems and is still hopefully in the transition of being able to become a good senior, but how would he have fared running with obea moore both in prime, could he have pulled out wins over obea over 400m?, or was obea just to good?.

    your thoughts/opinions would be appreciated for a little discussion.

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    Re: comparing these juniors/youth athletes in their prime?

    Roy Martin was a senior in high school when he ran 20.13. It was one of the most surreal days of 200 running I ever saw at the Texas state meet.

    Obea Moore was one of the most talented youth runners ever, ran 45.14 at the Pan Am Juniors in 1995, and won the WJC the next year, but he had a rough go of it in life.