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  • Tigers

    Happy 66th birthday today (Tuesday) to an Olympic champion. Our birthday athlete competed in two events and won gold in one of those two events.

    This Olympic champion was also a state champion while in high school. The name of this athlete's high school comes from a famous western explorer in U.S. history.

    Here are some additional clues to give you some help with this gold medalist. Coached at Howard University; taught at Mayfield Woods Middle School; and has the middle name of "Vaughn".

    It's not the easiest to get, but someone out there knows this birthday athlete. Name our Olympic champion for Flag Day.

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    Re: Tigers

    please please pretty please another hint.....


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      Re: Tigers

      You got it and here they are:

      How many colleges/universities can you name with the mascot "Tigers"?
      The western explorer was known as "The Pathfinder".
      Birthday athlete's initials are the same as these seven "men of movies".
      1. He wanted to close the beach in "Jaws".
      2. He was eaten alive in "Jaws" and you might remember him from "A Man For All Seasons".
      3. He chewed lots of gum in "The Heat of the Night".
      4. He smoked too much in the "Twilight Zone".
      5. He won the Academy Award for his screenplay in "The Best Years of Our Lives".
      6. He was tough in "The Untouchables".
      7. He made lots of money and many movies such as "Badman's Territory", "Santa Fe", "Carson City", and "The Tall T".


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        Re: Tigers

        Richard Stebbins: Fremont HS, LA


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          Re: Tigers

          We have a winner with EastBayprepoftheweek67! Today is the 66th birthday of Richard Stebbins. Stebbins won the California State High School Championship in 1962 at 220 yards and two years later he placed 7th in the Olympic final at 200 meters in Tokyo. Also, in 1964, Stebbins won the Olympic gold medal as part of the winning four by 100 relay (Rich gave the baton to Bob Hayes).

          Those of you that remember high school track and field in the Los Angeles area in the 1950's and the 1960's will probably recall a lot of great athletes from schools like Fremont High, Los Angeles High, Dorsey High, Jefferson High, Manuel Arts High, and many others.

          Happy birthday today to Richard Stebbins who now lives in Maryland.