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fantasy shmantasy?


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  • fantasy shmantasy?

    from the sorry to rain on the parade dept:

    will someone chime in with me and agree that these fantasy relays with people spanning a 50-plus years of competition are extraordinarily silly? i'm not sure what the idea behind any of it is, other than trying to see how many names people can remember.. how is there ANY basis to compare? the arguments over whether someone 30 years apart would beat someone else down the anchor leg after 3 other arbitrary choices from different decades before them, seem ridiculous. don't we have enough legitimate things to argue and bicker about on here? you guys are mostly grumpy coots who jump on each other about everything yet there's still this fantasy flame-baiting every other day!

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    Re: fantasy shmantasy?

    Many of us like to play these games, even with some intermitent frictions. Nobody is forced to read it or participate.
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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      Re: fantasy shmantasy?

      Who can't do this........

      I wonder if Justin Gatlin will run both sprints in Athens? Can youngster Usian Bolt from Jamaica hang with the big boys once rounds are contestest?Will Mo regain that sub 9.90 form? Will Tim Montg........

      That's E-Z

      Try this......

      Justin Gatlin is but one of a long line of sprinters out of Tennessee starting with Reggie Jones who...............

      I don't eat liver bro ya know why? It's because I don't like it........hint!