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  • Not The Favorite

    Happy 79th birthday today (Monday) to an Olympic champion with two Olympic gold medals from the same Olympic Games.

    When this athlete's college coach retired, our birthday person took over as the new college coach.

    The son of our birthday athlete also won an Olympic gold medal.

    Our birthday athlete won both Olympic gold medals south of the Equator.

    Europe is where the son of our birthday person won an Olympic gold medal.

    You might remember a film from 1946 called "The Yearling" (Gregory Peck). In this film, the actor who plays Gregory Peck's son, shares the same initials as our birthday athlete. This actor was also born in the same year as our birthday star. This actor was the manager of the San Francisco Opera House in later years.

    This athlete was not the favorite going into the Olympic final.

    November 29 and December 1 are the dates our birthday athlete won the two Olympic gold medals.

    Don't worry about the hurdles when trying to figure the name of this champion.

    It isn't that difficult. Name our birthday person for this Monday in January.

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    Re: Not The Favorite

    Easy one this time , double r. It's Charles Jenkins.


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      Re: Not The Favorite

      You got him, dukehjsteve. Happy birthday today to Charlie Jenkins, winner of the Olympic 400 in Melbourne. Charlie also ran the third leg and the fastest leg (45.5) in the winning four by four relay in Australia. Nice job, dukehjsteve.