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  • "Best From a State" Rankings

    Too lazy to do a thorough critique myself, but a few years ago I had fun examining Sports Illustrated's "top 50" athletes from all 50 states, culling out ( of course 0 the T&F ones for comparisons.

    Did anyone else do this thoroughly ?

    I just remember some ridiculous ones, like Blaine Lindgren being ahead of Jay Silvester in Utah, and I bdelieve Parry O'Brien did not make the California list. Yes, it's a big state so a tough list to make, but not even in the top 50 ?

    Did Anybody out there either do an analysis, or want to start one now ?

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    I studied the Ohio rankings, and I remember that they ranked Dave Wottle while passing over Harrison Dillard.

    Ohio is quite regionally diverse, and generally produces quality athletes across a broad spectrum (even if we don't rack up the All-Americans like some states).


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      Re: Re: ... ates/main/

      Here is the article. I'd love to also do a greatest athlete by country. Here's a few off the top of my head (men only for now):

      USA - Carl Lewis
      Czech Rep - Zatopek
      Finland - Nurmi
      UK - Daley Thompson
      Ukraine - Bubka
      Ethiopia - Geb
      Kenya - Keino
      Australia - Herb Elliott
      NZ - John Walker
      Cuba - Sotomayor
      Russia - Brumel
      Jamaica - Herb McKenley
      Uganda - Akii-Bua


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        Re: Re:

        >NZ - John Walker

        I'll argue that Snell was the greatest Kiwi, and not by only a little.

        Some more nations:
        Algeria: Noureddine Morceli
        Argentina: Juan Carlos Zabala
        Austria: Sepp Zielbauer
        Bahamas: Troy Kemp
        Barbados: Obadele Thompson
        Belarus: Igor Astapkovich
        Belgium: Gaston Roelants
        Bermuda: Brian Wellman
        Brazil: Adhemar Ferreira da Silva
        Bulgaria: Khristo Markov
        Burundi: Venuste Nyongabo
        Canada: Donovan Bailey (although some would argue Ben Johnson, since he was railroaded; those people also think Kennedy was assassinated by Martians)


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          Re: Re:

          >those people also think Kennedy was assassinated by Martians)

          He wasn't?


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            Re: Re:

            More nations:

            Cayman Islands: Kareem Streete-Thompson
            Chile: Manuel Plaza
            China: Ni Ziqin
            Colombia: Queribin Moreno
            Cote D'Ivoire: Gabriel Tiacoh
            Denmark: Wilson Kipketer
            Djibouti: Ahmed Salah

            One of our social studies teachers is fond of finding someone suitably clueless and asking him to "go to the font of the class [where the maps are], turn around, and show the class Djibouti".

            Dominican Republic: Felix Sanchez
            Ecuador: Jefferson Perez
            Egypt: Hatem Mohammed Mersal
            Estonia: Erki Nool
            Ethiopia: Clay said Geb, but Bikila might be better
            France: Guy Drut
            Germany: Udo Beyer (West: Harald Schmid)
            Ghana: Josh Owosu


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              Re: Re:

              Germany is a tough one..I also was thinking Harbig, Riedel or Schult


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                Re: Re:

                You are correct about Snell...he totally slipped my mind


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                  Re: Re:

                  Italy . . . Mennea


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                    Re: Re:

                    Doesn't hold a candle to Adolfo Consolini.


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                      Re: Re:

                      I admit, I had to Google that one, GH.


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                        Re: Re:

                        Do we count Kitei Son ('36 marathon gold) as Korean or Japanese?


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                          Re: Re:

                          Hey what happened to " States" ?


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                            Re: Re:

                            If you want to see his name next to a nation, better make him Korean, because Chuhei Nambu is the best Japanese. (Googling yet? :-)


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                              Re: Re:

                              well, I can't take the pennsylvania list all that seriously, when kobe bryant isn't in the top 50, philly boy he was...

                              interesting list too...

                              back in 1991, I saw a headline in the Philadelphia Daily News...

                              Phialdelphia Athlete sets new long jump record...

                              scratching my head, I thought, Carl Lewis wa born in Philly...

                              turns out Mike Powell was and live here till about age 6 or so...

                              probably woudl add Leoru Burrel to the top 50 list too, how many 100 meter world record holdrs are NOT on any given states top 50