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"We Grew Wings" the female "Fire On the Track"


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  • "We Grew Wings" the female "Fire On the Track"

    Thought to end the title of this thread with a question mark, asking IF the documentary movie about the 1985 and 2011 women's T&F teams at the University of Oregon is as good as the 1995 documentary ode to Steve Prefontaine, "Fire On the Track".
    No, not IF!!
    It IS as good......and maybe better!!

    Just received (from Amazon) and watched (for the 1st time), I was so moved by this wonderful movie, and must recommend it to everyone....both women AND men!!

    Made in 2012, it brings back so many memories of the spectacular team that were the 1985 Duck women.
    Claudette Groenendaal, Kathy Hayes, Leann Warren, Quenna Beasley, and so many others, not to mention their renowned coach (and great marathoner), Tom Heinonen!!

    And the 2011 Duck women, most of whom are now graduated and pro's!!
    Jordan Hasay, Melissa Gergel, Laura Roesler, and English Gardner (who would probably be listed as the "star" of the film, as she gets LOTS of time on the screen).

    "Fire On the Track" was (is) a GREAT movie.
    It focused on ONE athlete, Pre!!
    And while it had MANY other athletes in it, they also focused on one person, Pre!!

    With "We Grew Wings", the focus is on a TEAM!
    Or rather TWO teams!!
    Yes, both teams were Oregon Ducks, but they were of two generations!!

    All the dramatic elements are, passion, defeat, victory, great effort, injuries.
    It's historic in more ways than one.
    For it focuses not just on those 2 Duck teams, but on Title IX, the Ducks long history of success and of being innovators.
    And there's some GREAT scenes of historic races, and of historic athletes, Mary Slaney being one I was most interested to see (when she was young...and in 2012, when she was in her 50's).

    Available from Amazon, this is (Warning: Cliche straight ahead!) a MUST SEE movie.

    I have seen this movie just once! (Within hours of its receipt!)
    I am about to watch it a second time!

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    Re: "We Grew Wings" the female "Fire On the Track"

    A couple of scenes I left out of the 1st post......

    Jordan Hasay saying she wrote Mary Slaney when much younger, but didn't receive a reply.
    Later, you see Hasay and, yes, the 50+ Slaney walking side by side on what LOOKS like the Amazon Park trail (which I ran on MANY times!!!), and Hasay tells Slaney about the letter and her non-response....and Slaney apologizes to Jordan as they're walking!!!!!

    Other scenes show Hasay with her dad, English Gardner with her dad (and mom), and even Leann Warren's elderly parents!!
    And like I said, there are some GREAT clips from 1985 and 2011 track meets, including the NCAA, showing Kathy Hayes, Claudette Groenendaal, Quenna Beasley (great shots of her throwing the discus!), Melissa Gergel, English Gardner, Jordan Hasay, and several others.

    The older versions of Tom Heinonen, Warren, Hayes, Groenendaal, Slaney, Beasley, and others are seen and heard.

    Just overall an OUTSTANDING documentary!!


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      Re: "We Grew Wings" the female "Fire On the Track"

      A bit more.
      It's 81 minutes long, but the last 4 or 5 minutes are the credits.
      Speaking of which (though I maybe just didn't see it....can't read EVERY line!!), T&FN isn't credited, though the March 2009 cover (of Jordan Hasay) is prominently displayed at one point!!

      At several points, you see Eugene Register-Guard articles about the Ducks, with photos.....which were just reminders (I lived in Eugene for 11 years, and in OR for 16!) of how FANTASTIC is the coverage given our sport by the R-G!!

      You see....and learn....some things you never saw or knew.
      Well, at I least I hadn't!!
      Two examples are seeing Hasay taking an ice bath!!
      UGH!!!! :shock:
      Another is learning Warren was bulimic for awhile!!

      Said it earlier, but it was GREAT seeing the older Slaney!! (In 2012, she turned 54!)
      She looks FANTASTIC....and has BLONDE hair!!!
      She says she misses competing!!
      (Can't she run Masters....or do her lifetime of injuries prevent it??)

      Also, Quenna Beasley is a HOOT!! Love her!!

      I watched it a 2nd I said I would.....
      and it got BETTER!!