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High Speed JOHNSON Family....


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    Re: High Speed JOHNSON Family....

    Just thought of a team of currently active athletes, who could all conceivably be on the same team this season (if ever the selectors wanted a bit of fun). Introducing the Harris team:

    Otis Harris
    Jerry Harris
    Rickey Harris
    Alvin Harris(on)


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      Re: High Speed JOHNSON Family....

      Post I put up in April:

      Ever notice what interesting trends follow a person's initials? Or first name?

      1980s saw a succession of great milers all with first names beginning with the letter "s".

      Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett, Steve Cram, Steve Scott, Saïd Aouita, Sydnee Maree.

      And even today there seems to be a perennial threat to national (cross country gold) security: STANFORD. For good measure, Shalane and Suzy are your two best middle distance runners.

      In everyday life, there are a distinct group of people belonging to another fellowship, the MJ club:

      Michael Johnson, Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Mick Jagger and Marion Jones. Moise Joseph has time to get on the "A" list!

      Furthermore, many of your greatest sprinters over the past several years all have the letter "M" in common:

      Maurice, Marion, Michael, Miller and Montgomery.

      3M should have taken advantage of Maurice, Marion and Michael when all three were in the spotlight...good commercial opportunity.

      There are two current "D" qualifiers in the marathon, so there may be hope for two more "D" qualifiers in DK and DR. Even DP has a shot! DP (#2) showed the world he could last summer, and should be back again.

      Ah, and there is this Alan dude who won the marathon. Perhaps the shift can go now to the men's 1,500m...nah, that one is for later!

      Top-3 USA men's 3K indoor runners: Lincoln, Lane and Lunn. Luke took the 5th spot on the charts.

      Jason Long and Jason Lunn.

      Nathan Robison and Nate Robison. Someone may produce a new NR!

      You guys even had J-cube on the indoor quarter list: Jeremy, Jerry and Jason!

      Last year Greene, Gatlin and Grimes were all in the 9s! (silly rhyme included)

      What will be your next USA superstar trend? When picking your t-f OLY teams, keep that in mind!

      Last edited Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 10:56:24 AM PDT


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        Re: High Speed JOHNSON Family....

        Who's on high speed?


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          Re: High Speed JOHNSON Family....

          High speed? Of, course, that was you! That little "™" is all that is lacking. Martin, you are also part of the "MJ" family!


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            Re: High Speed JOHNSON Family....

            >High speed? Of, course, that was you! That little "™" is all that is lacking.
            >Martin, you are also part of the "MJ" family!

            A conspiracy theorist on the Canuck list has already made all of the MJ connections.