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40 Years Ago (2/2/74): Bayi 3:32.16


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    Re: 40 Years Ago (2/2/74): Bayi 3:32.16

    I don't know how to provide the links, I'm sure someone can, but the following can be accessed via google:
    (Bayi/Walker: 1500m.WR (new edit) - this shows more of the race than the previous edition I have seen, and does show splits.
    (In their words: The race that stopped a nation) - Comments from the principles of the 1974 Commonwealth 1500 m., very interesting.


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      Re: 40 Years Ago (2/2/74): Bayi 3:32.16

      Feb '74 was my first year out of college. I was working at a think tank and mid-morning each day for the week I had to make a run over to the library to work on a "literature search." In fact, I was waiting for the periodicals librarian to put out the latest edition of the London Times, airmailed and a day late.

      I didn't have a network of friends yet who would have called me with the news, and I don't recall the local papers carrying anything about any of the races, not even the 1500. But reading the depth of results in so many races had me scribbling down marks, going back to my cubbyhole office, and spending the afternoon updating my 25-deep world ATLs.

      The 1500 was so deep and mind-numbing with its effect on the ATL that I had to redo the entire notebook page, then calculate the conversions for a mixed 1500/mile list. In pre-computer days it was entirely longhand, in my early years of subscribing to T&FN and TN, but still before my knowledge of an ATFS annual.

      To this day I don't think I've ever had a week where I looked forward to each scrap of news so eagerly.


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        Re: 40 Years Ago (2/2/74): Bayi 3:32.16

        Originally posted by AS
        And if these messageboards had existed back in 1974 I'm sure the threads(s) announcing the results would soon have been taken over a mix of the following:
        - aspersions about the length of track, swirling tailwinds, improbable improvement levels, nefarious connections to shady chemical experimentalists
        - concerns about the decline of US miling, in particular the impact of college track (including workloads, foreign runners etc) and poor work ethic
        - complaints about the lack of public awareness of the results
        - hypotheses than Ryun, Santy, Haag, Andersson, Walter George and others could have run faster given shoe, track and training advances
        - statements that the WR would soon be 3.28
        - certainty as to the inevitable rise of Tanzania as a middle distance powerhouse...
        - and something to do with Alan Webb, Gabe Jennings and Mary Cain...