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My Brother Was Fast


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  • My Brother Was Fast

    Happy 79th birthday today (Friday) to a two-time Olympic champion. Our birthday athlete was 25 when winning the first of these two Olympic gold medals.

    The brother of this champion also competed in the Olympic Games, but did not medal. About one month before the Olympics, our birthday person set a new world record.

    Forget the hurdles, high jump, steeplechase, and hammer throw when trying to figure this athlete's name. This Olympic champion was the first athlete to break a track and field "barrier" in the event in which this person won two Olympic gold medals.

    New Mexico is slightly larger in area than our birthday athlete's country of birth. About 800 miles is the distance from our birthday athlete's place of birth to the Olympic stadium where this person first won Olympic gold.

    Approximately 5,300 miles is the distance from our birthday champion's birthplace to the Olympic stadium where this athlete won the second of two Olympic gold medals. Don't concern yourself with the relays, discus, pole vault, or the distance events when wondering who this person is.

    I'm sure you know this athlete's name. Go ahead and say it.

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    Re: My Brother Was Fast

    Josef Schmidt (brother Edwin or Edward, I settle for Ed).


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      Re: My Brother Was Fast

      Very good, KDFINE, it is Jozef Schmidt who turns 79 today. Schmidt won the triple jump in Rome and in Tokyo. I got my love of the long jump from Ralph Boston and my love of the triple jump from Jozef Schmidt. Schmidt's older brother (Edward) competed in Melbourne in 1956 in the 200 meters (didn't make the final) and the four by 100 relay where he ran the third leg for Poland. That team took sixth place in the Olympic final. Happy birthday today to Jozef Schmidt.