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List of historical US Championships sites?


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  • List of historical US Championships sites? used to have a list of sites (and governing bodies)--at the bottom of this page:

    but that link is now dead. The TFN archive of national championships results gives sites back to 1986 but no earlier.

    Does anyone have a list of sites or a link to same?

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    Until I can get that fixed, can you use this almost-up-to-date list?

    USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships
    Year Men Women

    USA Track & Field (USATF)
    2007 Indianapolis, Ind.
    2006 Indianapolis, Ind.
    2005 Carson, Calif.
    2004 Sacramento, Calif. (OT)
    2003 Palo Alto, Calif.
    2002 Palo Alto, Calif.
    2001 Eugene, Ore.
    2000 Sacramento, Calif. (OT)
    1999 Eugene, Ore.
    1998 New Orleans, La.
    1997 Indianapolis, Ind.
    1996 Atlanta, Ga. (OT)
    1995 Sacramento, Calif.
    1994 Knoxville, Tenn.
    1993 Eugene, Ore.

    The Athletics Congress of the USA (TAC)
    1992 New Orleans, La. (OT)
    1991 New York, N.Y.
    1990 Norwalk, Calif.
    1989 Houston, Texas
    1988 Tampa, Fla.
    1987 San Jose, Calif.
    1986 Eugene, Ore.
    1985 Indianapolis, Ind.
    1984 San Jose, Calif.
    1983 Indianapolis, Ind.
    1982 Knoxville, Tenn.
    1981 Sacramento, Calif.
    1980 Walnut, Calif.

    Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
    1979 Walnut, Calif.
    1978 Los Angeles, Calif.
    1977 Los Angeles, Calif.
    1976 Los Angeles, Calif.
    1975 Eugene, Ore. White Plains, N.Y.
    1974 Los Angeles, Calif. Bakersfield, Calif.
    1973 Bakersfield, Calif. Irvine, Calif.
    1972 Seattle, Wash. Canton, Ohio
    1971 Eugene, Ore. Bakersfield, Calif.
    1970 Bakersfield, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif.
    1969 Miami, Fla. Dayton, Ohio
    1968 Sacramento, Calif. Aurora, Colo.
    1967 Bakersfield, Calif. Santa Barbara, Calif.
    1966 New York, N.Y. Frederick, Md.
    1965 San Diego, Calif. Columbus, Ohio
    1964 New Brunswick, N.J. Hanford, Calif.
    1963 St. Louis, Mo. Dayton, Ohio
    1962 Walnut, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif.
    1961 New York, N.Y. Gary, Ind.
    1960 Bakersfield, Calif. Corpus Christi, Texas
    1959 Boulder, Colo. Cleveland, Ohio
    1958 Bakersfield, Calif. Morristown, N.J.
    1957 Dayton, Ohio Shaker Heights, Ohio
    1956 Bakersfield, Calif. Philadelphia, Pa.
    1955 Boulder, Colo. Ponca City, Okla.
    1954 St. Louis, Mo. Harrisburg, Pa.
    1953 Dayton, Ohio San Antonio, Texas
    1952 Long Beach, Calif. Waterbury, Conn.
    1951 Berkeley, Calif. Waterbury, Conn.
    1950 College Park, Md. Freeport, Texas
    1949 Fresno, Calif. Odessa, Texas
    1948 Milwaukee, Wis. Grand Rapids, Mich.
    1947 Lincoln, Neb. San Antonio, Texas
    1946 San Antonio, Texas Buffalo, N.Y.
    1945 New York, N.Y. Harrisburg, Pa.
    1944 New York, N.Y. Harrisburg, Pa.
    1943 New York, N.Y. Lakewood, Ohio
    1942 New York, N.Y. Ocean City, N.J.
    1941 Philadelphia, Pa. Ocean City, N.J.
    1940 Fresno, Calif. Ocean City, N.J.
    1939 Lincoln, Neb. Waterbury, Conn.
    1938 Buffalo, N.Y. Naugatuck, Conn.
    1937 Milwaukee, Wis. Trenton, N.J.
    1936 Princeton, N.J. Providence, R.I.
    1935 Lincoln, Neb. New York, N.Y.
    1934 Milwaukee, Wis. Not held
    1933 Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Ill.
    1932 Palo Alto, Calif. Evanston, Ill.
    1931 Lincoln, Neb. Jersey City, N.J.
    1930 Pittsburgh, Pa. Dallas, Texas
    1929 Denver, Colo. Chicago, Ill.
    1928 Cambridge, Mass. Newark, N.J.
    1927 Lincoln, Neb. Eureka, Calif.
    1926 Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa.
    1925 San Francisco, Calif. Pasadena, Calif.
    1924 West Orange, N.J. Pittsburgh, Pa.
    1923 Chicago, Ill. Newark, N.J.
    1922 Newark, N.J. Not held ->
    1921 Pasadena, Calif.
    1920 Cambridge, Mass.
    1919 Philadelphia, Pa.
    1918 Great Lakes, Ill.
    1917 St. Louis, Mo.
    1916 Newark, N.J.
    1915 San Francisco, Calif.
    1914 Baltimore, Md.
    1913 Chicago, Ill.
    1912 Pittsburgh, Pa.
    1911 Pittsburgh, Pa.
    1910 New Orleans, La.
    1909 Seattle, Wash.
    1908 New York, N.Y.
    1907 Jamestown, N.Y.
    1906 New York, N.Y.
    1905 Portland, Ore.
    1904 St. Louis, Mo.
    1903 Milwaukee, Wis.
    1902 New York, N.Y.
    1901 Buffalo, N.Y.
    1900 New York, N.Y.
    1899 Boston, Mass.
    1898 Chicago, Ill.
    1897 New York, N.Y.
    1896 New York, N.Y.
    1895 New York, N.Y.
    1894 New York, N.Y.
    1893 Chicago, Ill.
    1892 New York, N.Y.
    1891 St. Louis, Mo.
    1890 Washington, D.C.
    1889 New York, N.Y.
    1888 Detroit, Mich.

    National Association of Amateur Athletes of America (NAAA)
    1888 New York, N.Y.
    1887 New York, N.Y.
    1886 New York, N.Y.
    1885 New York, N.Y.
    1884 New York, N.Y.
    1883 New York, N.Y.
    1882 New York, N.Y.
    1881 New York, N.Y.
    1880 New York, N.Y.
    1879 New York, N.Y.

    New York Athletic Club (NYAC)
    1878 New York, N.Y.
    1877 New York, N.Y.
    1876 New York, N.Y.

    OT - Olympic Trials


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      I have the list for 187-1985 in a bit more detail than gm's reply, with the list of the track names as well from out old book on the TAC/AAU Meets 1876-1985. E-mail me at [email protected] and I can send it to you.