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    Happy birthday today (Friday) to an Olympic champion with four gold medals from the same Games. That doesn't happened too often.

    Our birthday athlete was 24 years old when winning these four gold medals.

    This person was a dentist, the head track coach at the University of Michigan, and died in Pennsylvania.

    Born 138 years ago today, our birthday champion's father was a brewer.

    Two of the events in which this person won Olympic gold are no longer on the Olympic program.

    The other two events in which our birthday athlete won gold consist of a field event and an event involving hurdles.

    Some say the city where this athlete won Olympic gold medals is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    None of the events in which this person won Olympic gold involve throwing events or distance events.

    You know this famous athlete who died at the age of 51. Name our birthday person for this second Friday in December.
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    Oh my DoubleRBar, these "oldies" are just too hard for me !


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      They're the only ones I can get!

      Don't ask me about what I saw, I only know what I learned!


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        This is an oldie. This athlete was born while Ulysses S. Grant was still our president and died the year after Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic.
        Here's a little hint: Our birthday person shares the same initials as a woman who won Olympic gold in a field event 18 years ago. This woman also owns an Olympic bronze medal which she won four years after her gold medal. By the way, this woman also won three World Championship gold medals in the same event (not the same event as our birthday athlete).

        A U.S. Supreme Court Justice who was selected by President Reagan in 1988 and is still on the Supreme Court also shares these same initials.


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          Kraenzlein? Don't remember the first name, i know he won several gold medals in Paris. My other guess would be Ray Ewry, but i think he only won standing jumps and none of those are still olympic events.


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            Very good norunner, it was Alvin Kraenzlein who was born 138 years ago yesterday (Friday). Kraenzlein won the 60 meter dash, 110 hurdles, 200 hurdles, and the long jump at the 1900 Paris Olympic Games.