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  • Zloty

    Happy birthday today (Thursday) to an Olympic champion who was born 108 years ago. Our birthday person worked as a gardener and won the Olympic gold medal in the same year. Death came to this champion at the age of 33, just about seven years after winning the gold medal. Don't worry about the hurdles or the sprints when thinking about this person's event. The country of our birthday athlete's birth has a population about the same as California's population. Not many Olympic champions were murdered, however this one was. Name this birthday athlete sharing he same initials as a 20th Century U.S. president.

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    It's funny, apart from the age, the only clue that actually helped me was "Zloty", which got me to assume you are looking for a polish athlete. That means i can only be Kusocinski, since "Miss" Walasiewicz was a sprinter.
    Of course, if you are looking for an athlete with polish origins starting for a different country, i'm screwed.


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      Very good, norunner. It is Janusz Kusocinski, the winner of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic 10,000. Many of you know that Kusocinski was executed by the Germans during World War II (1940). Like Prefontaine, Kusocinski has a meet named for him. By the way, Kusocinski's splits during his gold medal run were: 14:56.5 and 15:14.9.