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October: Road Running - Track & Field - Race Walking History - Part 1


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  • October: Road Running - Track & Field - Race Walking History - Part 1

    October Road Running – Track & Field – Race Walking - History
    10/1/55 Harold Connolly bettered his American record in the hammer throw with a toss of 209’ 7”

    10/1/55 Dick Hart set a new American record for 6 miles of 29:33.6 on the track defeating Browning Ross and Luther Burdelle.

    10/1/55 John J. Kelley wins the National Junior & Open 25K Championship in 1:17:33 over Gordon Dickson.

    10/1/60 Osvaldo Suarez – Argentina set a new South American 5,000 meter record of 14:05 in finishing second to Gordon Pirie.

    10/1/61 Alex Breckenridge wins first annual RRC Marathon Championship in Atlantic City in 2:49:40.

    10/1/67 Mike Kimball wins Santa Barbara Marathon in 2:27:49.2 over Bill Gookin and Ron Larrieu.

    10/2/55 Henry Laskau 39 year old German born walking champion wins his 34th national walking title with a win at 15K in 1:14:46.

    10/2/66 Mike Kimball wins 2nd Annual Santa Barbara Marathon in 2:26:23.9.

    10/3/54 Laszlo Tabori beats Hungarian countryman Sandor Ihoros at 1500 Meter in 3:47.8.

    10/3/56 John Landy the one mile record holder wins a 2 mile race in 9:02.2 in Melbourne.

    10/3/65 Tom Osler wins the Middle Atlantic AAU 25K Championship in 1:20:52 in beating Herb Lorenz and Lou Coppens.

    10/3/65 Ron Laird – NYAC wins National AAU 15K Walking Championship in Atlantic City 1:13:24.8 over Jack Mortland and Ron Daniel.

    10/3/65 Tom McCarthy – Gaelic-American AC wins 3 mile cross-country race at Van Cortlandt Park in 15:13.8 over Ed Bowes, Matteo Cucchiara, and John Garlepp.

    10/4/53 Charlie Robbins NYPC wins National 20K Championship in Yonkers, NY over Nick Costes and Browning Ross in 1:07:37.

    10/4/53 Emil Zatopek runs the fastest 5,000 meters of the year in 14:06.4 at Troppau.

    10/4/59 Bruce MacDonald NYPC wins National 15k Walking Championship in 1:19:51 over Ron Laird and Bill Omeltchenko.

    10/4/56 Harold Connolly broke his hammer throw world record with a throw of 218’ 10 ½”

    10/4/64 Moses Mayfield wins Middle Atlantic AAU 25K Championship in record time 1:19:07.5 over Browning Ross, Bill Greenplate, Tom Osler, and Herb Lorenz.

    10/5/57 John J. Kelley wins National 15K Championship in Watertown, MA in 46:31 over Dick Hart and Tony Sapienza.

    10/5/58 Al Confalone wins a 10 Mile race in Athol, MA In 55:54 over Charles Dyson and John A. Kelley.

    10/5/58 Tom Ryan wins the first Riverside Sports International 10 mile race in Riverside, CA in 55:20.8 over Michael Allen, Robert Drake, and Bobby Cons.

    10/5/58 Pete McArdle wins 9 mile cross country run at Van Cortlandt Park in 49:18.7 over Jack Barry, and Ted Corbitt.

    10/6/57 John Humcko-NYAC beats Carl Kurr, Elliott Denman, Bruce McDonald and Ron Laird at the National 15K Championship. New York Pioneer Club wins the team title.

    10/7/62 Michel Jazy just misses the European record for 1500 meters with a 3:38.3 in recording the third fastest time ever.

    10/7/67 Bob Lowe –NYAC wins New York Metropolitan AAU 3 Mile cross country race at Van Cortlandt in 15:41 beating Tom McCarthy and Coleman Mooney.

    10/8/60 Gar Williams – UCTC wins Around The Bay Race in Canada 19 Miles, 168 yards in 1:52:40 and defeated Ron Wallingford.

    10/8/61 Ron Zinn wins National 15K Waling Championship in 1:15:03 over Ron Laird.

    10/9/66 Ed Winrow NYAC wins National 25K Championship in 1:19:13.2 over Ralph Bushmann and Herb Lorenz.

    10/10/48 Victor Dyrgall- Millrose AA wins National 30k Championship in 1:44:16.9 in beating Ted Vogel, John A. Kelley, and Lou White.

    10/10/53 Joe Tyler – Naval TC wins East Los Angles JC 3 Mile Cross-Country race in 16:44.

    10/10/59 Grady Crumpley – St. Johns wins a cross-country dual meet vs. Fordham at Van Cortlandt Park’s 5 mile course in 26:07.

    10/10/64 Ron Daws wins Minnesota AAU Marathon Championship in 2:38:55.6.

    10/10/65 Brenda Mah – Toronto wins RRC Women’s 2.75 Mile National Championship in 16:16 at Catonsville MD. There were 27 starters.

    10/11/58 John J. Kelley wins Jersey City 1st International Marathon over Bob Carmen and Ted Corbitt in 2:20:55.6.

    10/11/59 Rudy Mendez – NYPC wins North American Marathon in 2:41:20 held at St. Hyacinthe, Canada.

    10/12/59 Jim Green – BAA wins New England 15K Championship in 47:07 in a meet record over Graham Parnell and Tony Sapienza and John A. Kelley.

    10/12/57 Tom Dempsy – Archbishop Stepinac H.S. defeated Tom Laris – George Washington H.S. in record time at Van Cortlandt 2.5 mile course in 13:03.4.

    10/12/57 Car Kurr – Penn AC defeated Elliott Denman by 8 yards in the National 25K Walking Championship.

    10/12/61 Ken Mueller wins New England AAU 15K Championship in 48:50 over Graham Parnell.

    10/12/62 Gordon McKenzie NYPC wins New England Senior 15K run in Manchester NH in 49:18 over Len Ehler and George Conefrey.

    10/12/63 George Conefrey wins New England 15K Championship over Ralph Buschmann, Jim Green and Tony Sapienza in 46:26.

    10/12/65 Ralph Buschmann – Spartan AC wins New England 15K Championship in 45:45 over Leo Carroll – Boston AA.

    10/12/68 Jim Keefe wins New England AAU 15K Championship in 47:33 over Amby Burfoot and John J. Kelley.

    10/13/51 Johnny Johnson – St Johns wins a 5 mile cross-country dual meet vs. Fordham in 26:53 at Van Cortlandt Park.

    10/13/51 Gordon McKenzie –NYU wins a 5 mile cross country dual meet vs. Rutgers in 27:09.8 at Van Cortlandt Park.

    10/13/54 Chris Chataway – Great Britain beats Vladimir Kuts at 5,000 meters in a world record of 13:51.6.

    10/13/56 Lemon King beats Ira Murchison and Bobby Morrow at 100 meters in 10.3.

    10/13/56 Bill Dellinger sets a new American record at 5,000 meters with 14:25.5 in beating Curt Stone.

    10/13/56 Dean Thackwray BAA wins New England 15K Championship in 51:18 over George Hillier and Tom Ryan.

    10/13/56 Rudy Mendez NYPC wins Port Chester New York Marathon in 2:26:41.9 over John Lafferty and Ted Corbitt.

    10/13/56 Gordon Dickson captures Around-the-Bay Race Canadas’s most historic 19+ mile race in 1:52:16.

    10/13/57 Vladmir Kuts sets a world record of 13:35 for 5,000 meters bettering Gordon Pirie’s record.

    10/13/57 Ted Corbitt wins New York Metropolitan AAU Marathon Championship in 2:38:44.3 over Aldo Scandurra.

    10/13/58 Tony Sapienza – BAA wins New England 15K Championship in 48:10 over Jim Green, and Graham Parnell.

    10/13/63 Buddy Edelen wins the Kosice Marathon in 2:15:09.6 in beating Sergei Popov- USSR 2:17:45 only Edelen and Brian Kilby have run faster.

    10/13/63 John Kopil – NYAC wins New York Metropolitan 25K Championship over John Flamer in 1:26:29.2.

    10/13/68 Jim McDonagh wins Peekskill to Yonkers 37.5 mile race in 3:50:11 over Ted Corbitt.

    10/14/51 Victor Dyrgall – Millrose AA wins New York Metropolitan 20K Championship in 1:13:19 over Bill Welsh and Ted Corbitt.

    10/14/56 Bob Black – North Medford Club beats Charley Robbins in a 10 mile race in Windsor CT.

    10/14/58 Browning Ross – Penn AC wins Middle Atlantic AAU 15K Championship in 47:24 by one second over Luther Burdelle.

    10/14/62 Fred Norris – Spartan AC wins Brockton, MA 10 Miler (9.5 miles) in 45:44 over George Conefey and Ray Crothers.

    10/14/63 Bruce Kidd wins the 10 mile Cross-Country race as part of the Canadian Thanksgiving Day road races in 52:39.

    10/15/53 Charlie Robbins NYPC wins New York Metropolitan 15K Championship which was actually 10.6 miles in 57:27.3 over Edo Romangnoli.

    10/15/60 Pyotr Bolotnikov – Russia smashes 10,000 meters world record of Kuts in 28:18.8 in Kiev.

    10/15/61 Pete McArdle wins New York Metropolitan 15K Championship in 52:19 over John Kopil and Oscar Moore.

    10/15/67 Gary Muhrcke wins New York Metropolitan 25K Championship in course record 1:25:49 over Jim O’Connell and John Garlepp.

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