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Deacon Jones: Other African Americans that performed well at the NCAA X-C Meet?


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  • Deacon Jones: Other African Americans that performed well at the NCAA X-C Meet?

    My research show Charles Deacon Jones as the only African American to win the NCAA Cross Country Championship race. Also on this date Bill Lucas - Manhattan College in 1949 placed 4th in this meet. Are there other top 10 performers that I'm missing? Perhaps Oscar Moore and Dennis Fikes?

    This Day in African American Running History:
    Charles Deacon Jones

    11-28-55 Charles Deacon Jones-Iowa beats favorite Henry Kennedy in the NCAA Cross-Country Championship in 19:57.4 at East Lansing.

    Deacon Jones Career Highlights:
    Two- time Olympian 1956 & 1960 in the 3,000 Meter Steeplechase
    Two- time NCAA Champions – Cross-Country & 2 Miles
    The Only African American to win an NCAA Cross-Country Championship
    Seven- time Big Ten Champion at Iowa
    Three-time U.S. AAU Champion
    During the 1957 track season was undefeated in college one & two mile races.
    Steeplechase best time of 8:42.4 in 1961

    For more running history go to the following:
    He often worked through asthmatic stress, spent extra hours and days off helping colleagues and clients, and continues to do the same.

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    Elmore Banton, 1964 champion.

    Elmore "Mo" Banton, an Ohio legend in the realm of cross country and track & field, serves as the Distance coach for the John Carroll men and women's track & field

    Edit: I note one thing mentioned in this profile that I have seen re-stated in many places -- the assertion that Mo Banton was the first African-American athlete to win NCAA XC. Not trying to open up any debate about this in relation to Deacon Jones' accomplishment -- no question about it in my view -- just noting that these sorts of bio statements have repeated this about Elmore Banton for decades. I was at Ohio University for many of the years he coached there, and this was stated about him even then. I should note too that I never heard Mr. Banton say this of himself. I think this is just one of those things that, once repeated, continues to be repeated.
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      In '62 Ron Davis of San José State was 6th and Harry McCalla of Stanford was 11th.


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        Cheserek doesn't count ?


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          Originally posted by dukehjsteve View Post
          Cheserek doesn't count ?
          I am sure GaryC will clarify, but I understood the question in the original post to be asking about USA citizen athletes who identified as African-American. Though Cheserek is in the citizenship process (at least I think I remember that to be true), he is at this point a Kenyan citizen, and thus for this question would be a non-USA collegiate athlete.
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            1955 vs 1964? Should be easy to determine which came first..


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              I hadn't heard of Elmore Banton.
              Thanks for this info.
              Yes he did win in 1964. His year to year improvement was in the 40 - 60 second range.

              11-23-64 Elmore Banton - Ohio U wins NCAA cross-country title in 20:07.5 over Bill
              Clark - Notre Dame.


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                Black runners performing well in the 1962 NCAA Cross Country Championship:

                6th - Ron Davis - SJS 19:45.6
                11th - Harry McCalla- Stanford 20:01
                18th - Ben Tucker - SJS 20:11.5
                30th - Horace Whitehead - SJS 20:26.5


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                  My research is focused on black runners born in the U.S.


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                    Oscar Moore 10th in '66


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                      Where was Machooka from ?


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                        Originally posted by dukehjsteve View Post
                        Where was Machooka from ?