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  • Kusy

    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to an Olympic champion who won the gold medal (the only Olympic medal this athlete won) on the last Sunday in July.

    This athlete was born 110 years ago today and was murdered at the age of 33 after winning the Olympic championship at 25.

    Our birthday person set a new Olympic record when winning that gold medal.

    I'm sure you know this athlete did not win the Olympic championship in the hurdles, steeplechase, hammer throw, or any of the jumping events.

    Born in Europe, our birthday athlete won Olympic gold in North America.

    Go ahead and name this champion.

  • #2
    The heading suggests Kusocinsky, but that would be too easy...or would it?

    I'll guess Janisz Kusocińsky (although I think the first name is not quite right).


    • #3
      Very good, Olli. It is Janusz Kusocinski, winner of the Los Angeles (1932) 10,000 who was born today, 110 years ago. Nice job.


      • #4
        Ha, both the first and last names are erroneous. Sorry. (Is this a near miss or a misspelled correct answer?)


        • #5
          Close enough for a correct answer.


          • #6
            I should have known better, since Kusociński is a "well-known name" here in Finland. He was the first non-Finn to win the Olympic 10000m, which must have caused a great upset. I was not there to experience it (born more than 30 years later), but I faintly remember reading an old sports cartoon with some wordplay with his first name and the Finnish word "j√§nis," meaning "hare"; this was probably the source for my confusion with his first name.