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  • Best from a Nation

    Clay suggested that someone put together an all-time World Cup matchup. The school year is winding down, so I'm the Rockefeller of free time.

    The first part is to put together the eight teams competing. Traditionally, there have been teams representing the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, along with the USA and the top two teams in the European Cup. The all-time men's medal leaders at the European Championships are Russia/USSR and the UK, so we'll go with those two.

    World Cup scoring is on an 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

    Here's our roster for the Pole Vault:

    Americas: Rolando Cruz
    Europe: Wladislaw Kozakiewicz
    Africa: Okkert Brits
    Asia: Grigoriy Yegorov
    Pacific: Dmitriy Markov
    USA: Corny Warmerdam
    UK: Geoffrey Elliot
    USSR: Sergey Bubka

    And the results:
    1) Bubka
    2) Warmerdam
    3) Kozakiewicz
    4) Markov
    5) Yegorov
    6) Brits
    7) Cruz
    8) Elliot

    The Soviets take the early lead. Damn those Communists!

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    Re: Best from a Nation

    Think you're better served with Charles Hoff of Norway as your European. But he still finishes third.


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      Re: Best from a Nation

      Hoff was good, but Kozak set WRs, ranked #1 four times, and won an Oly gold. Hoff set WRs and was the world's best vaulter for at least four seasons and probably would have won the OG in 1924 had he not been hurt, but that's speculation. Kozak gets extra style points for flipping off the Soviets.


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        Re: Best from a Nation

        We move on to the hammer throw. Our contestants:

        Americas: Con Walsh
        Asia: Andrey Abduvaliev
        Africa: Adam Barnard
        Europe: Gyula Zsivotsky
        Pacific: Stuart Rendell
        USA: Hal Connolly
        UK: Tom Nicolson
        USSR: Yuri Syedikh

        And the results:
        1) Syedikh
        2) Connolly
        3) Zsivotsky
        4) Abduvaliev
        5) Walsh
        6) Nicolson
        7) Barnard
        8) Rendell

        Team scoring through two events:
        16 USSR
        14 USA
        12 Europe
        9 Asia
        6 Americas
        6 Pacific
        5 Africa
        4 UK


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          Re: Best from a Nation

          Kozak raised the WR once by 1cm. Hoff raised it five times in a four-year period before being banned. Total raising was 16cm. He redefined the event, which Kozak didn't do.


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            Re: Best from a Nation

            Kozak set 2 WRs -- in Milan on 5/11/1980 (by 1 cm) and in the 1980 Moscow Olympics (by 3 cm). Hoff set 5 WRs which improved the standard by a total of 16 cm, and as a pro exceeded the amateur record once more.

            As I go through my files, I see that Hoff was undefeated in four seasons (1922, '23, '25, and '26). In the first three he was far better on marks alone than the rest of the world, but by 1926 they began to catch up with him. Gurdgingly, I'll admit you probably have a point. But Kozak just looked so cool!


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              Re: Best from a Nation

              We move on to the triple jump. And in this corner . . .

              Africa: Ajayi Agebebaku
              Americas: Adhemar Ferreira da Silva
              Asia: Mikio Oda
              Europe: Jozef Schmidt
              Pacific: Anthony "Nick" Winter
              UK: Jonathan Edwards
              USA: Mike Conley
              USSR: Viktor Saneyev

              The placings here get sticky. I'm sure I'll get LOTS of arguments about this one no matter how I rank them.
              1) Saneyev
              2) Schmidt
              3) Edwards
              4) da Silva
              5) Conley
              6) Oda
              7) Winter
              8) Agebabku

              Team scoring through 3 events:
              24 USSR
              19 Europe
              18 USA
              12 Asia
              11 Americas
              10 UK
              8 Pacific
              6 Africa


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                Re: Best from a Nation

                Our final field event on the first day of the All-Time World Cup is the discus throw.

                Africa: Frantz Kruger
                Americas: Luis Delis
                Asia: Li Weinan
                Europe: Adolpho Consolini (not a solid choice over Danek, Schult, Reidel et al)
                Pacific: Les Mills
                UK: Robert Weir (great musician, too!)
                USA: Al Oerter
                USSR: Romas Ubartas (can you believe he's their only DT man ever ranked #1?)

                The results:
                1) Oerter, of course
                2) Consolini
                3) Delis
                4) Ubartas
                5) Kruger
                6) Weir
                7) Li
                8) Mills

                Team scoring through 4 events:
                29 USSR
                26 USA
                26 Europe
                17 Americas
                14 Asia
                13 UK
                10 Africa
                9 Pacific


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                  Re: Best from a Nation

                  >Kozak raised the WR once by 1cm. Hoff raised it
                  >five times in a four-year period before being
                  >banned. Total raising was 16cm. He redefined
                  >the event, which Kozak didn't do.>>

                  Hoff also set 11 WRs indoors to Kozak's 1. But the main thing to be considered is that Hoff was redefining the event at a a time when there was no (to my knowledge) technological advancement going on in the pole department. I'm willing to bet that the pole that Kozak set his WRs on didn't even exist when he first made the World Rankings.


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                    Re: Best from a Nation

                    Hey, I said you were right! And you made darn sure I'm looking stuff up for other events before I post them.


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                      Re: Best from a Nation

                      >UK: Robert Weir (great musician, too!)<

                      The best musician you've named today was da Silva.


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                        Re: Best from a Nation

                        Now the running events begin. Lining up for the steeplechase are:

                        Africa: Moses Kiptanui
                        Americas: Graeme Fell (terrible name for a steeplechaser)
                        Asia: Takaharu Koyama
                        Europe: Gaston Roelants
                        Pacific: Kerry O'Brien
                        UK: Chris Brasher
                        USA: Henry Marsh
                        USSR: Semyon Rzhishchin

                        And the places:
                        1) Kiptanui
                        2) Roelants
                        3) Marsh
                        4) Rzhishchin
                        5) O'Brien
                        6) Brasher
                        7) Fell
                        8) Koyama

                        Team scores through 5 events:
                        34 USSR
                        33 Europe
                        32 USA
                        19 Americas
                        18 Africa
                        16 UK
                        15 Asia
                        14 Pacific


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                          Re: Best from a Nation

                          Lining up for the 800 are:

                          Africa: Mike Boit
                          Americas: Joaqium Cruz
                          Asia: Sri Nam Singh
                          Europe: Wilson Kipketer
                          Pacific: Peter Snell
                          UK: Seb Coe
                          USA: Mal Whitfield
                          USSR: Yevgeniy Arzhanov

                          And across the line they come:
                          1) Snell
                          2) Whitfield
                          3) Kipketer
                          4) Coe
                          5) Cruz
                          6) Arzhanov
                          7) Boit
                          8) Singh

                          Team scoring through 6 events:
                          39 USA
                          39 Europe
                          37 USSR
                          23 Americas
                          22 Pacific
                          21 UK
                          20 Africa
                          16 Asia

                          The Yanks take the lead from the Commies, but the European team is putting up a stiff fight.


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                            Re: Best from a Nation

                            As we put the hurdles on the track, our competitors:

                            Africa: Samuel Matete
                            Americas: Felix Sanchez
                            Asia: Duncan White
                            Europe: Harald Schmid
                            Pacific: John Holland
                            UK: Lord David Burghley
                            USA: Edwin Moses
                            USSR: Yuriy Lituyev

                            The results:
                            1) Moses
                            2) Schmid
                            3) Sanchez
                            4) Lituyev
                            5) Burghley
                            6) Matete
                            7) Holland
                            8) White

                            Team scoring through 7 events:
                            47 USA
                            46 Europe
                            42 USSR
                            29 Americas
                            25 UK
                            24 Pacific
                            23 Africa
                            17 Asia


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                              Re: Best from a Nation

                              Now the first sprint of the meet, the 200 meters.

                              Africa: Frankie Fredericks
                              Americas: Don Quarrie
                              Asia: Koji Ito
                              Europe: Pietro Mannea
                              Pacific: James Carlton
                              UK: Emmanuel McDonald Bailey
                              USA: Michael Johnson
                              USSR: Valeriy Borzov

                              The results:
                              1) Johnson
                              2) Fredericks
                              3) Quarrie, nearly in a dead heat with
                              4) Mennea
                              5) Borzov
                              6) Carlton
                              7) Bailey
                              8) Ito

                              Team scoring through 8 events:
                              55 USA
                              51 Europe
                              46 USSR
                              35 Americas
                              30 Africa
                              27 Pacific
                              27 UK
                              18 Asia