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  • Hezekiah

    Happy 77th birthday today (Tuesday) to an Olympic champion who also owns two Olympic silver medals.

    Our birthday athlete was not a doctor, but rather a police person.

    This champion won two Olympic gold medals in different events and in different Olympic Games.

    Any additional clues and my grandmother could answer this one.

    Who is our birthday athlete for this Tuesday in January?

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    Kipchoge Keino might fit.


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      ...except that was he a policeman?


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        Happy birthday today to Kipchoge Keino (77) and yes, he was a policeman in Kenya. Very good, Olli with so little clues. I remember seeing Keino (on television) running in the 5,000 at the Tokyo Olympics (1964) and thinking that the African runners could be pretty good some day.


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          The clue about "grandmother" suggested that the answer is a pretty well-known athlete. Keino was, indeed, one of the most significant pioneers of African running power, even though Bikila was the first.

          Since I was born 1964, I did not witness the Tokyo games, but I was an eager 8-year-old sports fan during the Munich games. I remember his medal runs there well, Finns being involved in both cases.

          There seem to have been several pretty fast policemen those days, since that was also Lasse Viren's occupation for some while.


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            There was a story (not sure if it is true) that Keino was chased by a buffalo in Kenya when he was a policeman. He outran the buffalo to a tree which he climbed to safety. I'll bet Viren could have outrun the buffalo too. I know there are no buffalo in Finland.