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  • Nobody Said This Would Be Easy

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to an Olympic champion who was born on a Saturday 95 years ago today and won the Olympic gold medal on a Saturday.

    Our birthday athlete competed in only one Olympic Games, winning the gold medal at the age of 26.

    This champion competed in two events at the Olympic Games, but earned a medal in only one of those two events.

    Born in Asia, our birthday athlete won the gold medal in Europe and died at the age of 90.

    You might find it helpful to know that our birthday person was a parent when winning the Olympic gold medal.

    Of course you probably already know that this athlete did not win the Olympic gold medal in the hurdles.

    Best of luck on this one. Nobody said this would be easy.

    Please name this Olympic champion.

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    I looked it up on Oympedia. Predicting this will go on for a long time.


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      Surprised no one did a research on 1948 Olympic Gold Medalists. I must have too much spare time.
      Only March 4th birthday girl was Xenia Stad-de-Jong, as first leg in 400m relay final for Netherlands with Fanny Blankes Koen anchoring



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        Originally posted by midwestfan View Post
        Surprised no one did a research on 1948 Olympic Gold Medalists. I must have too much spare time.
        You also must be unaware of the rules here. Doing research to answer these questions is not permitted.


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          I need to clarify the rules with each posting: No research is allowed. You must answer based on your own knowledge.

          The correct answer was Xenia Stad-de Jong and yes, she did run the first leg of the winning four by 100 relay in London (1948).


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            "...mega maxima culpa"! I have been a historical member for less than a year and have seen about 50+ quizzes, and never saw or knew there were rules. They are not mentioned anywhere on quiz. I am amazed that correct answers are usually made in less than 24 hrs and with no "research" for coming up with correct athlete's name.
            For 1948 Olympics there are over 100 medalists in 33 events and 25+ Olympics makes for over 2500 birthday names to recall.
            My kudos for anyone who can remember 2500 Olympian medalists without any research.
            I guess I'll stay in minor leagues for memory retention skills and enjoy the history of the quizzes and great side comments that follow the answers.
            I still learn and enjoy my research time but will keep my responses off line for now
            Thanks for the continued challenges


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              My error for not printing the rules. Keep playing midwestfan. Some of the questions are much harder than others and of course we have all levels of players on this forum. It doesn't cost anything to make a guess and I hope everyone learns a little from the questions. Hope you enjoy them.