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  • Hetzel

    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to an Olympic champion who won that gold medal at the age of 21.

    This athlete was born 110 years ago and died at the age of 97.

    The Olympic gold medal this champion won came with a new world record on the first Sunday in August almost 89 years ago.

    Don't even think about the hurdles for this one.

    Our birthday champion competed in only one Olympic Games.

    Some of you may even have met this athlete on Track & Field News tours in the past.

    Please remember if you want to make a guess, we don't allow research. You need to come up with the name on your own.

    Thanks very much and good luck.

    Who is this Olympic champion?

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    With no research, my memory says that she may have been from Chicago as I remember an obituary of one of the oldest Olympians passing away in local paper. There was also another old female Olympian who recently passed away in Florida... Name?? Not there!


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      I can tell you that this athlete was not a woman.


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        Sabin Carr?


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          Sabin Carr is not a bad guess, rhymans, but not right. Carr was a few years older than our birthday athlete and didn't live quite as long. Carr did not set a world record in winning his gold medal. I can tell you that the birthday champion from yesterday did not win the gold medal in any of the jumping events.


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            As no one has chimed in, I'll do it. The clinching clue is the T&FN tour connection, as the rest of the clues are insufficient to whittle it down.

            Answer must be George Baird, a 4x400 gold medalist in 1928.


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              It was George Baird who was born 110 years ago. Very good, dj. I figured the TFN tours would help someone. George and his wife were part of some TFN tours in the past. George played the piano and was interested in many subjects. Of course you know he ran the first leg on the U.S. four by 400 relay in Amsterdam (1928) that set a world record.

              My next clues were going to be that he shares the same initials as two Olympic champions: One of those champions won the Olympic marathon and the other won the long jump. The marathoner won his gold medal about 32 years after the long jumper won his. Can you name these two champions that share the same initials as George?


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                Greg Bell is the LJer.


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                  Gelindo Bordin for the Marathon.


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                    Gelindo Bordin


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                      Nice work KDFINE. Greg Bell and Gelindo Bordin are the pair. You can't get much closer, bambam1729.

                      I thought someone might get George Baird because of the world record which I mentioned in the clues. As far as I can remember, there were only five world records set by men in Amsterdam (U.S. equaled the four by 100 relay record). Besides the two relays, there were world marks in the steeplechase, shot put, and the decathlon.