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  • Ron Addison

    Not his birthday, but digging around I found some neat info on this great Tennessee steepler of legend:

    Ron now works for Brunswick, the bowling company. Apparently he is pretty high up there. Found this interview with him from a few years ago. For a Vol geek like me, it's neat to hear his voice for the first time and to see him in more recent times.

    Here's video of the NCAAs at Franklin Field in '76. Looks like Ron finishes third in the steeple. Edit:
    1. 8:24.86 James Munyala, UTEP (NCAA Record)
    2. 8:27.88 Henry Marsh, BYU
    3. 8:29.47 Ron Addison, Tennessee
    4. 8:30.33 George Malley, Penn State
    5. 8:33.85 Greg Meyer, Michigan
    6. 8:34.38 Bill Lundberg, Kansas
    7. 8:34.67 Bruce Bickford, Northeastern
    8. 8:41.20 Bob Christiansen, Wichita State
    9. 8:41.20 George Mason, Kansas
    10. 8:44.73 John Roscoe, Kansas

    Finally, a story in Sports Illustrated from 1980. Coverage of the Olympic Trials by Kenny Moore. It appears the steeple had a great finish. Looks like Ron tried to dive for the line but was DQd for causing a collision and missed out on the third spot.
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    First Doug Brown. Now Ron Addison. Can Ricky Pittman be far behind?


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      Ah, 1983...