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RIP Ed Whitlock - 86


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  • RIP Ed Whitlock - 86

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    I think he very likely knew what an inspiration he was to so many. Certainly can include me in that group. A live very well lived.


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      RIP Ed Whitlock (2:[email protected], etc)

      Ed Whitlock passed away from prostate cancer at age 86. Just last October he ran 3:54 at age 85, but his 2:54 marathon at 73 is probably the best age-graded mark in the world (shorter stuff does not require you to run 100-mile weeks for an extended period so you can get lucky with a short period of really good health). He also ran 37:17 10k that year, which is 6:00 pace for the 10k.

      There is probably a good thread on LetsRun, where he was a hero to many and probably had fewer detractors there than any great runner.

      See the link on the Home Page


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        I know 86 is considered a "ripe old age" but it seems that someone who took that good care of himself for that long should live longer. I guess this proves that cancer doesn't discriminate.


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          Yes 86 isn't terribly old. While his performances were amazing...but..personally it's one thing to stay active but I don't think this marathon mania is healthy. But to each his own.

          Interesting a week after another septuagenarian marathon record holder Warren Utes passed away at 96.
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            Not a lot of evidence that being in good physical condition makes you immune to cancer. He probably had his cancer well under way when he ran 3:54 at age 85.


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              RIP Ed Whitlock

              I was surprised to see this thread had not yet been created. On Monday, T&F and road running lost an icon. Ed Whitlock redefined what's possible and set WRs right up to his final days. He was 86.



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                The thread has been on Historical.


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                  other than for a few truly iconic figures in the sport, all RIPs go to Historical.