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    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to an Olympic champion who was the first to do something at the Olympic Games. Since then, an athlete in Rio last year also did it.

    Our birthday champion won two Olympic gold medals.

    This athlete did not win Olympic medals in any of the hurdle events.

    Born 120 years ago today, our birthday athlete might be remembered for "Rookie Quarterback" or "Base Burglar".

    Volney is a hint that most will not understand.

    Brad Davis is a hint that someone will definitely understand.

    You might know that our birthday person died over 30 years ago at the age of 89.

    Competing in three Olympic Games, this athlete won one Olympic silver medal.

    All three Olympic cities in which our birthday individual competed are within 600 miles of each other.

    Name our birthday athlete for this third Wednesday of March.

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    Wild Shot at Jackson Scholz, as I believe Brad Davis played his part in " Chariots of Fire," the dates seem to match, as does the Euro geography for OG's in 20, 24, and 28. Also guessing he got a relay gold in 24 along with his 200 gold.


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      That may well be right as IIRC he was still alive when Chariots of Fire was released and "Rookie Quarterback" and "Base Burglar" may be titles of books he had published in his post-track career.


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        Excellent job, dukehjsteve. It is Jackson Scholz who was born 120 years ago today. Yes, Jackson won the gold medal in 1920 by running the second leg on the winning U.S. four by 100 relay team. Of course, he also won the 1924 200 and was second in the 1924 100. Jackson Scholz was the first to be in an Olympic Games sprint final in three different Olympics. You are correct, Trickstat. "Rookie Quarterback" and "Base Burglar" were two of Jackson's children's books. Another he wrote was "Sparkplug at Short". He died about four years after "Chariots of Fire" won the 1981 Best Picture of the Year award (Oscars).


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          "Volney" is Scholz's middle name. I don't remember where I learned that, but it may well have been an earlier DoubleRBar quiz


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            Yes it was his middle name.